The Trinity

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How do I understand the concept of the trinity in Christian theology?

Michael Mangold, M.S. Biological Sciences & Education, Northern Illinois University (1984)

You don't have to. It's a conceit of the ancient church (Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox).

Jesus never said he was God. He always referred to himself as the Son of God or Son of Man. He is no more Father God than I am my dad.

And the Holy Spirit is nothing more than God the Father. In the Tanakh (Old Testament) it is called “ruach ha-kodesh” which in Hebrew is the “power of God.” Note that his spirit was generally available only to prophets, priests, and kings. One exception is recounted in Exodus 19 when the Spirit descended upon the Israelites gathered at the base of Mount Sinai. Christians for the most part ignore this and insist that the Spirit first appeared at Pentecost. When Yeshua told his disciples he would send a helper after his death he meant that God's spirit would now be available for all, not just prophets, priests, and kings. It is still overwhelming (Exodus) but tremendous.

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