Who is Jesus?

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My Quora Answer to:
Who is Jesus and why is he important in Christianity?

Michael Mangold, former ER, Urgent Care, and Family Physician (1990-2014)

I ask because only sympathetic Muslims seem to understand the true nature and mission of Yeshua (Jesus). More so than Jews, BTW.

Nowhere in the New Testament (Brit Chadashah) does it say Jesus is God. In fact, he referred to himself as the “Son of God.” His mission was to adopt all of us into God's family and turn us all into sons of God.

Nothing about blood sacrifices. Nothing about atonement except recognizing our sins and “turning away” from them (redemption). And certainly nothing about flitting away to Heaven as ghosts when we die if only we believe "Jesus is God.” Those ludicrous beliefs were developed by the early Church as a way to control people. Because you know, nothing says power over others like Hell. Which is another fake construct.


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