Different techniques - similar results

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When I saw @shanibeer's post with the photo of the christmassy tea cosy I thought of a cowl I made two years ago. The 'scales' just looked like those of my cowl. But then I saw the tag - that was crocheted? I immediately took a look at the pattern to see how it was done. I never heard the term 'crocodile stitch' before.

Because my cowl was knitted. It was my first project that wasn't plain knitting but had a pattern with yarn overs and k2tog. I learned a lot knitting it but several times I was deeply distressed. Without the help of the owner of the local yarn shop I never would have finished the cowl.

This pattern is aptly named: 'Teufelszwirn' means something like 'the devil's twine' and the first half of the projects I thought only a devil could have thought out that pattern. Why? Well, you knit from the other side - this is the "wrong" side. It's difficult to get a picture in your head of why you do what. I plan to do the cowl again now that I learned more about knitting. Though @shanibeer's cosy is really nice, too.

Isn't it interesting how different needlework techniques can have results that resemble each other so much? I love these things, like the crochet slip stitch I wrote about two weeks ago that looks like knitted ribbing :)

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Ha ha, the devil's twine - I can believe it! The pattern looks so pretty and innocent in those colours as well 😎. It looks interesting, though. The crocodile stitch is quite complex until you get the hang of it as you have to make a framework with each round to build the scales on. I think I made three or four attempts at the beginning to understand the pattern and then get the size right, so I can sympathise. But I am starting to imagine how the devil's twine works ... 😱

Such a pretty piece, I can totally imagine how much of a pain it must have been to work on!

I like the texture of the stitch, @muscara. I wonder whether it uses as much yarn as the crocheted version.
Incidentally, I once ruined my hard work by washing mine in the washing machine... it never regained the shape 😱


It takes some yarn but not that much. The pattern calls for about 100 g of fingering weight yarn. My version is more narrow and shorter, the kitchen scale says 90g and I used a sports weight yarn. Here's the link to the pattern and a photo of the inner side which is the side you're looking at while knitting :)


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It looks beautiful and it reminded me of this one, @muscara :D

Although I don't think it's the same stitch.


I just took a dive into my stash - no yarn for that tree-cowl :( Only white and a yellow-red gradient, not the right colors. It seems I have to buy some yarn for it ;)

I think the crocodile stitch is so uniquely pretty! I have yet to try it! Your cowl is so petty! Wow those colors are gorgeous! You did really well especially for it to be your first complicated project. I loved @shanibeer’s cosy too!

I think I feel slightly nauseated while looking at this cowl and imagining that it is knitted - oh je. It looks beautiful, but I can imagine, that it is super complicated to make. The colors alone are amazing.

very frightening title :))) looks bright and fun

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