Go for Mars.


Mars has been a long fascination of humanity. From our vast array of literature featuring Mars to the dedicated scientific studies that were executed for the sole purpose of knowing the mysterious planet more. Writers and scientist alike have long since speculated about the possibility of terraforming Mars, that is to make Mars more Earth-like but with our current technology, is it possible?


Researchers have found that if humanity were somehow be able to convert all of the carbon dioxide in Mars. It will still be not enough to make its atmosphere livable. Well this might be a real reason for us to reconsider going to Mars but I think it is all the more reason that we should go. Hostile, barren, and uninhabitable. This were just the features that this outstanding planet had presented to us. But if we can go there, I think we'll discover more. Data that would eventually be indispensable in solving the mystery of our own home planet, how it's formed, how it maintains life and how much so we need to mess up to convert this tremendously caring planet to the desolate one that we are aspiring to go.

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