Together we can make a difference

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Hello Partiko lovers,

At Partiko we really focus on building great products with world-class user experience. We enjoy making our users happy and we want to do our best to give away our appreciation.

Over the past month, we've been doing our best to upvote posts posted using Partiko, and even those who are posted not using Partiko and just included the #partiko tag. As Partiko continues to grow, we're seeing more and more people posting great content everyday, and the limited voting power we have is getting in the way.

To help Partiko become more successful, we need your help! Delegate STEEM POWER so that we can give out more. Together we can make it a difference!

Delegate 1 STEEM POWER Here

Delegate 2 STEEM POWER Here

Delegate 5 STEEM POWER Here

Delegate 10 STEEM POWER Here

By delegating and resteeming this article, you get a chance to become one of our earliest partners. The detail of the partner program will be announced in the next few posts.

Onwards and upwards,
Partiko team
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Just a word of encouragement. Drawing attention to your work, where I can, with comments, etc.

Keep up the good work!

On the move ... Posted using Partiko Android

I upvoted, resteemed, delegated 2 SP and will continue using Partiko because you do not take any share of posting whereas most of the other apps take upto 15%-25% of our earnings. So, you deserve more donations to keep up the good work. I will delegate more SP in the coming days.

Wonderful work @partiko. Truely your work has been amazing and your efforts to make innovative and apps and new things for the ease of users are wothy of praise and are appreciable. Keep up the good work and please support users like us. We also pledge you full support at every time. This new partner progtam sounds cool. Feeling excited.

good partiko

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Delegated and resteemed :)

That's cool!

What does delegating do? Is it a donation or does it pay back?

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You can take it back whenever you want! Simply put, you delegate to someone to give them more steem powers, so that they can use their steem powers to upvote more of your post! Just like what we said in this article:)

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Ok, I delegated 2, make it count!