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Hello Steemians! Today was a good day! I just recovered my hacked Steemit Account!!!! I can't believe it.

Thank you @guiltyparties for teaching me how and thank you @bullionsrackers for recommending him to me!

Truly, this community is more than just an online platform and website. It actually help members even though it isn't a follower on some account.

Thank you for everyone who helped and being patience with me.

Will post more thouroughly on how I recover account and put on some tips to help other steemians.

Have a nice day! Goodnight!!

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Thank you very much. You really are a good help and for recommending @guiltyparties!

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Glad to have you back! I forgot to comment on your post when you got hacked. I was watching your steemd logs and it looked like the recovery did not go through the first time. I'm glad good people came to help you out. Sorry to hear you went through this but hey, it happens... I hope it does not again. Be careful with logging in and redirect links. Have a nice day!


Hello! Thank you very much @mermaidvampire for being so thoughtful. I will be very careful next time. Thank you for all that you do in Steemit. You are appreciated by a person like me and all other steemians out there.

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