I won a trip to Japan.

4개월 전

Hey everyone,
I was lucky enough to get selected for a trip to Japan this Feb and although I've been to Japan before this, this was my best visit ever.
During my 4 day visit, I got a chance to experience Nagano, Osaka and Kanazawa. All the three places were so different from each other yet equally beautiful. I can't wait to go back again and take some more photographs.

Here are some of the photographs, hope you like them ♥️

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You lucked out, man! Things are much more dangerous now...

I'm supposed to lead a tour group in Tokyo in May, and we're worried it won't go through as intended!


The regulations and concerns are more serious now, it won't be as easy to visit infected countries as it was for me. I can just hope that things get better by may. All the best 🤟

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