On “The Rich Kid Revolutionaries”

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I’ve got to put my 2 sats in on an article I read the other day in the New York Times. It’s called “The Rich Kid Revolutionaries” and it talks about the recent movement by the progeny of the affluent to rail against how the US “is rigged in favor of making the very wealthy even wealthier.”

Besides the very obvious Clintonian retort one could posit against this sentiment, “It’s the economy, stupid!” In a capitalist system, the business of business is business, and all that Milton Friedman jazz... I just have to say...

It's about time we had some rich kids take responsibility for the society of wealth & privilege in America that our forebears created.

Now before I get flack for calling out poor unsuspecting trust fund kids, let me just say that I'm not saying that hard work shouldn't be rewarded with the well-earned ability to take care of one's family (even for a couple or three generations).

We all aspire to that. It is the foundation of the Immigrant Dream that brought my grandfather to these shores back in the 1960s.

But while most of us are doomed to spend the bulk of our careers paying off student loans and maybe, if we’re lucky, one measly mortgage... It’s nice to see that there are some rich kids, at organizations like Resource Generation out there that realize what they've got.

Not only that, they are trying to do something positive to close America's ever-widening rich-poor gap.

According to The World Bank, the US ranks third on the GINI Index, behind only notoriously corrupt Brazil & Mexico. By all means, play with the data here and please let me know what you find!

It's about time. The US recently passed China, whose rapidly ascendant middle class is quickly eroding what was one of the world's worst rich-poor gaps.

When Jeff Bezos of Amazon makes more in a minute than the median American worker makes in a year...

It's high time we as a nation started putting this issue on the front burner.

What do you think we can do about class inequality and wealth redistribution? Is crypto part of the solution or part of the problem?

Let me know in the comments below. 👇👇


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Whatever the system, some people will find a way to make more.

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Nothing against very wealthy getting even wealthier, but if the system doesn't pull the others in this growth, improving the human condition in general - it's not a great system, and there is a lot place for evolution. Seems to me that the very wealthy will have nothing in the world made of a small number of people, just some very wealthy, so all the others are very important to the existence of this economy, maybe will be nice to find more and more ways to not stress them too much. These are some of my thoughts, maybe they are silly, the economy is one of the big mysteries to me, usually, I'm not much into these things. ...and about crypto...it seem very promising to me, and kind of a breath of fresh air


As for crypto, you know what they said in Star Wars, “Obiwan Cryptonobe, you’re our only hope!”

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