Apakah asli atau palsu ||Whether genuine or fake

3년 전

Halo kawan semuanya . Ini saya ingin bertanya kepada semua teman ya g ada di steemit apakah ini akun resmi dari steemclener apakah palsu . Jika palsu tolong hargai steemclener yang sesungguhnya. Karena steemclener setau saya hanya satu saja. Mami jika ini memang benar steemclener asli juga sebuah kehormatan.

Hello everyone. This I want to ask all my friends in steemit whether this is the official account of the steemclener is fake. If fake please appreciate the real steemclener. Because steemclener setau I only one. Mami if this is indeed the original steemclener is also an honor.


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25 reputation doesn’t seem legit. You can also check their Steem power. Also it’s better to check in Partiko because it gives you that information in a more easily understandable way. - Sida

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