How Deconnecting myself connected me to a higher self (and not to mention the most intense spiritual experience I've ever had)


One of the most phenomenal things a person can experience it's a spiritual experience. I don't necessarily mean visions of angels or having witnessed a miracle. Think instead, of an intense understanding and connection with all that IS, accompanied by a total embodimentment of peace and contentment. Should you pre-prepare and perhaps be very lucky this can also include an all consuming feeling of spirit.
A feeling deep within your core.

I was able to have such an experience after some practice and preparation. I had been purging all of my societal connections for roughly 5 days. By which I had decided to go a step further with some intense meditation in an very beautiful and remote area. So had I requested a friend of minr to drop me off/pick me up at the beginning of one of my favorite trails. This way someone would be aware of my location, and still could truly be in seclusion. There was just a short hike to my favorite spot down along the remote path. When I finally arrived to what I call the "Nature Nook" I settled in comfortably and begin my breathing accompanied by some finger counts.

I remember almost immediately feeling that I had slipped into a deep state of meditation. In fact, it progressed to a point I had never experienced ever before.
I was no longer in my body, i couldnt feel any ties to myself as a physical being. I no had human feelings such as sadness, happiness, anxiety, uncertainty and I couldn't even recollect what it was to breath. I didn't know what it was to feel wind on my skin. I no longer had the need for emotional ties. All aspects of what it was to live as a human being softly melted away until eventually, were utterly unknown to me...I was just a light of sorts, that grew in size and speed rushing with conviction to the "source". I was now completely unable to understand or even fathom what it was to be "ME". I suppose the only word for what I was being is "The ALL"

Looking now because I didn't understand the concept of self or separation then I suppose I had fully connected to source. At that moment I literally knew everything there was to know. It was full and....pure and.... intense beyond all describable reason. I without question I feel as if I was completely consumed with what most view as GOD.

Remember at the time I did not understand or feel this way there was no ounce of me that was separate from . I'm able to look at this experience with a sense of myself and from this Viewpoint is how I am describing it.

This "ALL" is everything at its source. Before now I was simply an attachment of this ever-expanding consciousness that manifests itself in all things.
I knew threw my soul I was God ITSELF as we all are. Now always and forever. But body I am just a small piece. My soul acting as an extention cord. Almost like tendril stemming out of the purest point of consciousness and the highest concentration of love .

The Consciousness ...The ALL Mighty has spread throughout the entirety of its own infinite and vast creation.
Being human the soul connects as a single method of manifestation. Everything we see in the physical world is a singular experience of God.
And by God everything and everyone in every possible form is connected.
In body I am spread far throughout spacetime and dimension. my soul is the tendril connecting to my body
This is how GOD consciousness could manifest in every possible form. Through all things throughout all of the universe and Beyond. God can essentially be anywhere and within everything. When I was there I was no longer a singular aspect of Gods great expansion. Instead I was pulled deep within the center. Completely engulfed in the highest concentration of "The ALL". I no longer knew one aspect of consciousness I was experiencing all of Consciousness. I was experiencing connections with literally everything the almighty had produced.
There are absolutely no words as to how INCREDIBLE and intense this was. It was 100 billion, trillion, times the most amazing thing I could ever even try to explain and still that could not do its description justice.

It only felt like a moment but it just beginning to get dark so my friend had returned but Instead of waiting by the start of the trail he started to get a little worried and began the Quest in which to find me.

My physical body could feel the Echoes and vibration as he walked closer towards me.
I could feel my physical self calling me almost as if my body was pulling me back. Suddenly my friend tripped hard over me. And was actually very shaken. Repeatedly askng where I had come from.
To this day he swares I was not there and simply had appeared. If that's true I'll never know but it sure seemed strange he didn't see me because It Was Not yet Dark and I would have been in plain sight. But that is neither here nor there.
I was actually the one that would be truly shaken.

Because I immediately became intensely overwhelmed with what it felt like to be human. The the weight of existence the weight of my body the weight of my feelings even the gravity was nothing short of crushing . It was all far too much to quick as it engulf me all at once and all of these old yet suddenly new extremes, I began to sob. I was So overwhelmed by being human that there seemed no diffrence between struggles and the joys. I couldnt understand after having experienced what I had "there" that while there I literally had the knowledge and infinite connections to everything that is was and will be!!! How could it not have been heavy at all. And even though I distinctly remember having known and been apart everything, When I returned I was only able to take the smallest fraction of that with me...which drove me to weep even harder. This state of being was uncontrollable for at least an hour.

I just wanted more then anything, to go back, to be so close to the all knowing all loving all being , I despreately desired to once again have total connection with every ounce of litterally everything.

I was bewildered as to how easy to handle "being" was when I was protected by the abundance of consciousness.
To me it was more real then reality has even been.
I suppose essentially because I was apart of all of them and each of thier infinite possibilities.

This experience being as intense as it was offered me the gift of Indescribable good hand in hand with a devastating shock. And through was humbled and grateful even though I had loved and for the time being lost. after this my entire Outlook regarding life would change forever. For now I know my trials here in the physical world are dramatically less finite then any of my emotional reactions would have me believe.

Even though it is nowhere near its former intensity still have a sense of peace that is certainly tremendous. Simply in the knowing how much bigger the big picture actually is.

Now I've done my best to explain it but still there is no part of me that feels as if I have done it justice.

However I don't have to.

Everyone is capable of these experiences this is a gift human beings we're given very long ago. Sadly it one hardly anyone seems to open.

One of the most powerful aspects of our universe has been singularity essentially everything and everything in existence as we know it stem from singularity. Everything gets broken back down to singularity eventually.
Being, growing, ending, then beginning a new. Cyclical and perfect by Design.

This blatant fact is constantly in our faces it amazes me that people are oblivious to the Grandeur of it all.
Somehow our modern Society is so consumed with our own creations which further pushes The Grand Design to go largely unacknowledged

Selfishness and introspection seemingly the only thing our society advocates

Hardly ever do decompress or reduce our output or disconnect longer than a snooze or the odd quiet moment on the front porch.

Everything is go go go!
It's always
"I need" "I must do" "I want" "I will" "I must perform" "think" "learn" " control" "defend" " protect" "impress" "Communicate"
the list often feels almost as vast as the our universe!

Now don't missunderstand. I absolutely acknowledge that As a whole the beneficial advancements that human technology, science, and knowledge is undeniable.
I just want to remind you that we have to be balanced to actively purge and renew. So much love and experience lays wasted and unnoticed.

It has been my realization, among many others through thier own testimony, that one of the MAJOR requirements needed to experience an intense and fulfilling spiritual experience is a true lack of distraction. Its not enough to just turn your cell phone off for a few hours or quietly spend the day at home alone avoiding social media. These modern luxuries leave so many residual destractions. Which may seem to be of little concern yet these effects take time to truly can be detoxed from your mental state. Our brain can be likened to a computer and one of the major differences between ourselves and
Everything else that we know of.

We have the ability to separate, to understand, to disconnect and re-realize our connection with source. everything within our universe is source. To us We are the only known sentient beings. What our brains are capable of is truly magnificent.

Our daily operations. Our ability to work within the physical world. To survive. To create. To advance. Somehow we also have the gift of knowing and understanding source.

That is something that science would say is one of a kind. As far as We Know we are the only creature that can do this.

Very much like computer we hold on to an immense amount of information cache data.

Unless you have taken some time to separate yourself completely for at least a couple of days before inner spiritual work the chances of being able to connect with what matters becomes a lot less likely.

From time to time its absolutely necessary for your spiritual well-being to turn off your phone, disassociate from the Realms of the Society, and take your time with this. If you must tell all of those your circle what you're doing as to avoid any cause for alarm. Because these types of experiences are immensely important so utterly indescribable in value.

And I'm almost certain that with practice removing yourself from all things that can weigh on your mind you will have a much higher chance of experiencing something similar to what I have and there is no other gift that can compare.

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Wow. Timing is a wonderful thing... I just had a similar experience earlier this week although mine wasn't deliberate. Was just telling my partner @treachrenfro I feel ready to connect with new friends who can understand how i feel about these things... It's really nice to meet you.


Thanks for resteeming this into my feed. You've been on fire recently finding engaging new and interesting people. :)

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I think perhaps I have only just started paying real attention recently. :) All a matter of my limited perspective. I'm glad it continues to expand.

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Super happy to be followed I appreciate the classification as new and interesting I almost didn't post this they're glad I did

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Perfect timing indeed! Thanks for sharing.. followed.


I agree thanks for sharing and absolutely thanks for following

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The pleasure is all mine. I really must say I am absolutely floored by the obvious support everyone has for one another not to mention the genuine engagement. I absolutely appreciate the shares I am most certainly humbled. Very grateful for your follow I will do the same

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Yes to allllllll of this! 👏👏👏💗

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Well written. You probably don't need a stranger on the Internet to tell you that you have used words brilliantly here, but consider that done.

Following for future words.

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Thank you so much to be honest I almost didn't post this it was purely an accident I hit submit. I think it's still bothers me all the misspellings and grammatical errors but perhaps later I'll comb back through to correct it however it has been a huge inspiration all the positive reactions I didn't in a million years ever expect such support I truly appreciate it

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Aaaaahhhhh..... I’m so craving this at the moment. Solitude in the wilderness calls me. But I still have matters to attend to at present, but that moment will come in due course...

Even as I read this, I could imagine the state of de/re-connection that I will experience myself for my regular pilgrimage. These kinds of moments are like a breath of fresh air …

Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.


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No kidding! I am certainly do for this myself. It has been too long of a while I suppose half the battle is practicing what I preach. Be it may time is a very fickle mistress wouldn't you agree

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Your experience was truly immersive one, had to read it more than once.
It was very unique and interesting...

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This is the first post I've come across while pondering that I've let this account lie fallow for too long.

I am not surprised that others have had similar experiences - it is, after all, contact with our core being - but what is rare is to find some sort of online sanctuary where such things can be discussed.

Grammar is just not equipped to fully articulate states of mind where subject-verb-object are absent; most cultures have developed their own terminology as sign-posts rather than descriptions.

There is undoubtedly a whole cartography of altered states that humans should map out, instead of being led down a path of technological distraction.


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