Sunset 日落


Sunset is a natural phenomenon, which indicates the time for rest. However, a lot of the people in the modern society do not think of sunset as closely related to rest. Hence, sunset is just a natural phenomenon which has attracted people because of its beauty.

As for those who are more pessimistic, they tend to relate sunset to old age or retirement. In other words, it gives the impression that sunset is beautiful, but it will come to an end. It implies that old age can be beautiful but it is moving towards the end of life.

The optimistic perspective of sunset is to relate it to the time of rest. For we all need rest in order to go further. So also the sunset is a reminder to rest well. When the twilight is over, it is night. But the night is only temporary as after rest there will be sunrise which symbolises an opportunity to move forward and to go further.


对于那些倾而消極思维的人,他们会将日落与老年或退休联系起来。换句话说,它给人的印象是”夕阳無限好,只是近黄昏!” 这意味着老年可以是美丽的,但它正走向生命的尽头。


Sunset at Tawau 斗湖的曰落

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