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When a moment of great shame & panic changes your life forever in ways so excruciatingly painful that no mortal could ever describe it... The moment where I for the very first time confessed ˋmy Secret´ - my traumatic Secret - this moment became also the most tragic turning point of my existence... I had not known it then but somewhere I very well have suspected it - and I was terrified... ~
#theevilironyoffate #mytraumaticlittlesecret

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I think we all carry around secrets that hurt some of us just hide it better than others and try to seem what we consider “normal” but deep down we’re a mess or oblivious to the mess!

It takes a strong person to take a look at the chaos that is your mind and say this is me and I’m willing to deal with it and work on it


Yes I would love to someday live in a world where nothing needs to be hidden / an involuntary secret anymore <3


Indeed as would I, I think all we can do is put the message out there and hope we find people who share those values


I'm great at keeping secrets!!!

Mostly because I just forget them or I wasn't listening.

But confessing is deliberating, isn't it?! 😃

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