Path Of Exile Review - Part 2 - I can start see where this game is going (7h played)

4년 전

After studying the currency system, I continued the path of exile, nearly finishing Act 1.

As usual, disclaimer at:

The Good

  • The game have a lot of content and items. (I don't know how the game have been expanded over the years), but to me, It seems like they started with double the content of D2, and just keep adding more features with time, more content and more items. But many iterations of the game improved a lot of the mechanics, and added ways to remove some of the luck from crafting (as D2LoD was doing, but on higher scale) or add another luck and tradables.
  • The game seem to divided between 3 parts: main plot (levels 1-60), start of end game (61-75) end game (75+) . The main plot had difficulties (like D1 & D2) in the past (from levels 20 and 35), and the items scaled with that, but the difficulties doesn't exist anymore.
  • The game get me out of the habit of selling a lot of loot, as:
    • Almost all loot worth 0.01 oot, and uM* worth 0.10 oot*.
    • iM worth ~1.28 oot but requires me to sell 5 other items just to identify it, so I stoped identifying anything not Rare or above.
  • There are way more waypoints (compared to D2)


  • I can get Chromatic Orb quite easily in town at a cost of Scroll of wisdom (0.05 oot) when RGB-linked items are found, instead of spending ~60-96 oot for it. I can't merge Chromatic Orb into something better, but I see it is very valuable in exchanges for the harder to get orbs/currencies.
  • I need to setup my razer keyboard colors for this game. I don't remember many of the shortcuts.

The Bad

  • Area maps are closed after 15 minutes. Annoying when going through a side map and need to backtrack to main plot map OR when trying to do stuff on town OR when trying to read the game wiki... I wish for a 'keep alive' feature for maps.
  • Maybe I missed something, but, why can't I just trade using the website? I can find the deal that I want, but I don't want to contact the trader (and other things needed for the trade transaction). (was D3 was doing it better? I know D3 was using just gold for everything, but I could send of those items to trade and collect the items/money back).
  • The game have a lot of items (😎). I need, in addition of Scroll of Wisdom, a 'Scroll of Market Wisdom' ™. What is the market value for it and/or for which recipes it is the main/rarest ingredient.
  • Three of the basic keyboard shortcuts are for spending real life money. Also, why can't I completely remove a shortcut or set complex shortcuts (like Ctrl+F8)?

* Orb of Transmutation, the simplest orb.
** unidentified magic item

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