Path Of Exile Review - Part 3 - This game have so many skills (20h played)

4년 전

Character level 35, Nearly finishing Act 3.

As usual, disclaimer
Read Part 1
Read Part 2

  • I love Act 3 (contain some spoilers, see * at the end below)

  • I'm getting better at Incursion! once I know what I'm doing (which Architect to take and/or which passages to open) I got better at this.

  • I hope to start playing it coop soon, with one of my SOs. Update 3.3.2 that will come soon looks promising for that, as it makes making a war party with friends easier. I will probably will take the opposite character of what she is taking:

    • It will be easier to split the looted gear.
    • Characters that focus on 2 of the [Str,Dex,Int] usually focus more on defence, as their gear have 2 of [Armor,Evasion,Energy Shield]. Also, have easier access to buffing, debuffing, damage reduction, resistance and block (and its recovery).
    • Characters that focus on only 1 of the [Str,Dex,Int] usually focus more on offence and their gear have either Armor/Evasion/Energy Shield. They have easier access to more damage, attack/cast speed, damage over time.
    • so choosing to opposite character will ensure one defence character and on offence character.

  • I got low on 'Scroll of Wisdom', and it got annoying, looking for solutions:
    • I found out about the 'Portal' gem! Find one for yourself in trade. It is a quality of life changer for me. I just open a Portal back to town when I want, allowing me to sell more loot and waste no 'Scroll of Wisdom' for portals!
    • I can trade back orb of Augmentation/Alteration/Transmutation/Scrap/Wetstone for 2/4/4/2/4 'Scroll of Wisdom', and those I can get easily buy selling magic, rare and superior items.

  • The game have a lot of skills, not sure which to use and combine. So I have decided to read them all, to make sense of them, and which to use for my current character, and which characters to try and build later on. I know, that is a lot of work, but it keeps me busy when I have access to the internet but not to playing PoE. Before going over the skills, It really helps to understand the different between:
    • Attack (hit, defend on Accuracy, weapon speed is important)
    • Spell (hit, casting time per spell)

Updates related to part 1:

  • OK, I gave in to the weekend sale on stashes, and I backed this game to have a better stash with many types of tabs. I enjoy this game a lot so far, and making my inventory simpler is a noble cause.

Updates related to part 2:

  • Using Ctrl when moving between areas allow me to manage know how much time I have for an area until it closes, or even force it to open a new instance of the area!
  • There is a 'Scroll of Market Wisdom' ™ ! well, not in the game itself, but people have created scripts and macros for that
  • Apparently, people complaining about the trade is common, and AFAIK, GGG don't plan to change that.
  • OK, trade is simple enough, even if not via the website. Good video about trading in PoE
  • I think there should be a PoE user doing the hard work of maintaining a currency exchange. S/he will follow the buy/sell prices, offer simple trade to/from prices that you can be sure to look for the same person every time. Of course, s/he will make digital profit from commission and Arbitrage.

* Act 3 Spoilers ahead

  • Act 3 just looks great. You are in a city, which looks beautiful, "too bad" it is in war. You are fighting the army Piety convinced to do her bidding (the blackguards), and they are fighting an army of ribbons! Ribbons and status are not just for morale boost, they are strong and dangerous enemies/frenemies! Loves Lady Dialla in the Solaris Temple.


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For the architect, I do know which one I want to kill, but for the passage doors, once I obtain the Stone of Passage I'll just rush to the nearest door and open it lol.
And I heard it's best to play with a party, makes the enemies harder.

Was searching around, as I'm new here on Steemit after PoE content and found this post.. It amazes me how detailed and well constructed your "log" of your experience so far as a new player is :) Looking forward to see how your experience unfolds!


thanks, welcome to steemit. Will you be posting your own PoE content?

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