Path Of Exile Review - Part 4 - (spoiler free) Is there something wrong in the Boss Fights? (22h played) + Learn-Do-Teach (6h teach)

4년 전

Character level 38, Just finished Act 3.

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  • I have finished Act 3. The boss fight was tough. I hope that boss fights were more memorable in this game. Well, I do remember walking around a really long palace just to get to ____ (Act 3' boss), but I wish for more than that.
  • Maybe my character is too strong (+7 levels above the area) to really feel the power of the boss?
  • After watching Act 1 again (see below), the first mini-boss in Act 1 was much more rememberable than the rest of the mini-bosses and the act boss.
  • Diablo 2 had memorable moments and bosses (spoilers to Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: LoD):
    • I remember walking around the tombs of Tal-Rasha, looking for the right tomb, only to get in very close quarters with an enemy that could freeze me in one hit and kill me in 4.
    • I remember collecting the 4 flail pieces from 4 mini bosses, just to get to Mephisto, which took a lot of evasions, tactics, and time to overcome. And even then, he was not truly destroyed until the destruction of his soul stone.
    • Opening the 5 seals to Diablo was thrilling, just to regret (over and over), not opening a town-portal closer to the action OR to close to the action when I need to pick up my items. Defeating him required knowing his attack routine.
    • I remember the trials before fighting Baal, as he sends wave after wave, laughing.
    • Fighting Baal itself (and his copies...), was challenging even when not so threatening as with the previous bosses.
    • I learned to prepare for those battles in advance, getting enough resistance, open portals in case of resurrection in town, learn which skills and tactics should be used against them, learned the timing for each of them.

  • I have introduced my SO (Significant Other) to PoE.
    • It was inevitable... on our first date, we talked about our disappointment from Diablo 3!
    • She played, I watched, answering questions, teaching some of the mechanics, help consider with skills & items to use
    • She have played Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Torchlight, WoW. She taught that PoE is a really good Blizzard rip-off.
    • She really loved PoE 💕
    • The game could be very frustrating to newbs and/or overwhelming. I'm glad I could have been there for her to overcome some of those obstacles.
    • She took the witch character (she always go for the mage characters), planned to be Elementalist, "Glass Cannon", although she will have nice Energy Shield.
    • My character, the duelist, planning to be Chamption, "A Tank", will probably be a good match with that. So we plan to play online coop together.
    • Incursion can be stressful, and lag can be very annoying in incursion. Hopefully soon, we will do some incursions together, I wander how it will be like.

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