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For this morning ,I have made for myself a Pavlova.From the website it says it is a favorite dessertof Australians and New Zealander .According to the online source it is named after a famous ballerina.

Yes I have sweet tooth so most likely it is the culprit behind my dental woes or my heavy weight.I have read that sugar is deadly for the body irregardless if you have diabetes or not but now that my emotional well being is threathened with this pandemic and so many childhood dreams still unaccomplishef I can not help but binge on eat to feel a little better.

So with the aid of many youtube videos I have managed to make this delightful dessert.I used 2 egg whites and 1/4 cup fine sugar which I whip till soft peaks by hand then as per virtual instructions made into circular shaped bowl like structure that I baked at 350 degrees in the oven.


With some whipped cream and fresh fruits viola!

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