Payera The Unique Solution of Crypto-Fiat eCommerce

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Payera The Unique Solution of Crypto-Fiat eCommerce -Simplified To The Crypto Users 


is a unique mainly crypto-payment based  platform serve worldwide 

trading and eCommerce activities


payera works like any successful eCommerce platform except it will 

be much easier to work through plus a unique multifunction system 

dose not exit before in the era of the cryptorocurrency world , this 

multifunction system including payera, shopera, cardera works 

together to offer a super trading and shopping platform solution .

What is the problem Payera Solve ?

Due to the huge burst of  the cryptocurrency industry , payera implement a unique system in the eCommerce era facilitating the use of both cryptocurrency and fiat money in online trading actions with options to choose between using the variable cryptocurrency  coins and fiat money , this will make the digital currency Strong involved in the eCommerce transactions without fear due to incorporating the fiat money option and eliminating the  fear from the volatility nature of the digital currency, thanks to payer efforts in this great  field 

Payera Structure

Payera have three components working together to achieve their 

goals :



Payera is An exchange and wallet solution for trades and buyers 


ٍٍShopera  an online shopping platform combines sellers and buyers 

for handling new and used goods


 is a crypto payment card system for Payera wallet for 

easy and instant use anytime, using the card you can purchase 

online , also you can withdraw FIAT money through any ATM 

Benefits of Payera system

Payera offers  the best and easiest system to use the combination 

of Fiat  money and cryptocurrency for the first time in the ear of online 

trading  activities , full protection of the buyer is highly supported 

through the full consumer protection program implemented by Payera

platform , sellers for the first time have the ability to use the 

crypotocurrency in their transactions with combination of the Fiat 

money , the have the option to choose the crypto or fiat money as 

they like .

For further details about ICO and other events visit this link or 

download the white paper 

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