My Entry To Week 31 Of Pay It Forward Contest

2년 전


This post is my entry to 31 of #payitforward contest by @pifc.

Blogger 1 - @pedaliando


Nice story in Spanish on cycling posted by @pedaliando.

Blogger 2 - @newforyou

Featured story: I'm writing about Kraków for Steemfest visitors. Can you help me?

Interesting news channel project by Edwin den Boer AKA @edb.

This is my first entry in this contest, so please feel to let me know if I should change anything in the future. 😀 Thanks!

You can visit the contest link here to find more information on how to participate in this wonderful contest.

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  ·  2년 전

Thanks for your entry. I would suggest that you maybe expand a little on why you picked the blogs you selected. This will give people more of a reason to follow the link and check them out.


Ok, will do in the future. Thanks!

Interesting picks @amazingwoman.. but I haven't seen your comments on their post.. or I probably missed it out 😊 anyway thanks for guiding me to the good posters .. really glad to see you joining us!

Thanks for mentioning my project!

I have visited both your featured bloggers.

Really good features @amazingwoman :) I running behind but did get everyone commented. You did great for a first post, so we like to kind of guide you in a way for better success.

@cicisaja mentioned it. I really recommend reaching out to those you select. Tell them what you liked about their posting and Let them know you are featuring them. Use the contest link if possible