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I spent a lot of time this week learning about various projects that were nominated, understanding their needs and setting up the criteria which should help me to choose the right cause. I have also contacted leaders of several projects as I couldn't find all the information that I needed. So many amazing projects were nominated and it was tough for me to pick only one of them which would receive the donation.

Let's start with the outcome!


The list of nominated projects:

  1. @tarc - U.S.-based animal rescue located in Central Appalachia
  2. @adollaraday - a steem based charitable project
  3. Shannon Jay - rescuing animals abandoned during the Paradise, California fire
  4. @schoolforsdg4 - school for impoverished kids in Bangladesh
  5. @walkofhope - bringing Music and Arts to the less fortunate in Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines
  6. @creativestreet - giving art lessons to the street kids in Manila and Tagaytay
  7. #hayrunners - helping farmers coping with a severe drought this year
  8. @pifc - helping undervalued bloggers throughout Steemit
  9. Mission Agua-possible- providing years of clean drinking water for several families in Venezuela
  10. Christian School in Kisii - helping AIDS Orphans with education, and food
  11. @ifc - encouraging community and provides a weekly hook for posting an entry
  12. @classical-radio - supporting posters that post in the #classical-music tag
  13. @randomkindness - currently fundraising $200 for Mamanwa Tribe
  14. @freewritehouse - helping new Steemians create content on a daily basis by way of 5 minute #freewrites
  15. Support Ramses - a boy who lost his father and was diagnosed with leukemia
  16. @foodfightfriday - a food competition that takes places every Friday
  17. @scholarsph - sending less privileged to school
  18. charitywater - because access to safe and clean water should be every human’s right
  19. @ecodesigns - training girls and women in textile recycling and fashion designing.

swoosh stretched.png

In the interest of full transparency, here is the list of all donations (in chronological order)

@traciyork1 Steem
@janton5 Steem
@for91days2 Steem
@matkodurko2 Steem
@yogajill5 Steem
@plantstoplanks5 Steem
@simplymike8 Steem
@roleerob25 Steem
@manoldonchev4 Steem
@discovereurovelo32 Steem
@steveblucher2 Steem
Total91 Steem

Amazing achievement! THANK YOU!

swoosh stretched.png

After I went through the nominations I really wanted to support two projects with Steem but with the current price, these two projects wouldn't get as much money as they need at the moment. Therefore I have decided to send cash to two projects:

I will send $1000 to 'Un Granito de Amor' in Venezuela that helps to provide medicine and food for kids from poor neighborhoods who suffer from diseases such as leukemia. The money will be mainly used to support Ramses who was nominated by @gabyoraa. Ramses (9 years old) lives in a poor and dangerous neighborhood in Caracas. His father was killed by a stray bullet when Ramses was 2. In May this year, Ramses was diagnosed with leukemia. His family is not able to pay for his treatment that will start in January. They only eat once a day and their struggle breaks my heart.

The money should be enough to cover his treatment and provide food for him and other suffering kids as well. I talked to Gaby earlier this week and I can feel that she is very passionate about this case, so I truly believe that the money will be used where it's needed the most.

I will send $500 to 'Zaphany Hill Educational Center' in Kisii, Kenya. The project was nominated by @smithlabs who supports it every month. When I was talking to him I knew that I wanted to support such a great project. I contacted Robinson Makori who established the school. He provides education and shelter to children being orphaned due to HIV/Aids cases or due to the fact that their parents were killed in the scuffles. These kids would not get any education elsewhere. There are currently 10 classes with 81 girls and 70 boys. Some children live in his home while other live with foster families where they are subjected to child labor.

When I asked him how he would use the donation he told me that he would use it to come up with a place within the institution where they can be accommodated, fed and educated. At that point I knew that he needs more than 500 Steem right now and I decided to send fiat.

swoosh stretched.png

I know that you're interested to see which project will get the Steem support, so I will finally get to the point 😊

Who will receive the donation?

I have realized that I could support many nominated projects by sending the donation to @adollaraday.

@adollaraday is a Steem based charitable given project that began in May and has so far donated US$4000 to around 20 very worthy projects around the world that have a presence on the Steem blockchain.

Currently they support 6 projects (out of 19) that were nominated: @schoolforsdg4, @creativestreet, @scholarsph, @walkofhope, @tarc and @ecodesigns.

By sending 591 Steem to @adollaraday, the donation will reach many projects and therefore the impact of it will be greater.

Congratulations @adollaraday!

swoosh stretched.png

What about the rest?

I didn't forget about other projects and I will keep them in the list for my future donations. I will also start doing fundraisers and some delegations. I hope that together we will be able to help all of them.

I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who nominated a project and supported the donation by sending some Steem to add to the pot!

This is a huge success and I'm happy to see that many people contributed to this project!



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You have such a big heart Martina. People like you make Steemit special, here one can make a difference, people can help themselvs and others. Seeing this kind of involvement and generosity suggests a great future for Steemit. I'll also contribute by delegating 500 SP to @adollaraday, follow and upvote their posts.


Oh Dan, you made my day now! :) Thank you so much for supporting @adollaraday!

I hope you're doing well and I wish you a lovely weekend!

this is a wonderful thing you did... great leadership and such a big heart! Great job Martina!


Thank you Dave! This season is all about helping others :)

Amazing generosity! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What a kind person we have with us here on Steem!

@pennsif, and the charities you have chosen to send cash to are going to be super happy, super kind of you and all the donators, awesome!


Thank you, Asher! I've talked to him and he is indeed very happy with the donation :) I hope it's going to help him achieve the goal for the year.

I would have supported all of them already if I could, lol.

Have a great day!

Woooohoooooo so it's eventually my non-nominated suggestion? :O Not gonna lie, feels a bit good haha :D Altho while writing their name, I had nooo idea they have sucha big outreach :)

I'm sure they will distribute those STEEM the best way :) One amazing thing you've done here :) Kinda sad that it's flying totally under the radar of all those big whales who circle-jerk themselves with those huuuuge upvotes..while new-born dolphin like you is doing the biggest giveaways up to date on Steemit (kinda sure about this claim of mine, maybe except for @steemmonsters donating STEEM to @nomadicsoul for SF3).


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Hahaha, so you wanted to nominate someone without knowing what they were actually doing?! You should have not told me that! :D

I'm sure they'll do. I've checked a few of their reports and was happy about what they do.

I'm not thinking like this as everyone has right to do what they want with their stake. I know that some of them could use it better but well.. I don't get too bothered by things that I can't change :)

Dolphins are the kindest mammals in the sea, didn't you know that? LOL

Thank you for your support!


Haha I knew what they were doing :D + they do even more :D And I think like that always when I see someone doing something totally exceptional and not getting attention. And yepp, it's not hate or something...I mean..they've bought the stake with some money they earned somewhere else in their real life, sooo good for them. It just feels weird sometimes :D


I agree with you. It does feel weird but think about the real life.. isn't it exactly the same? ;)

· actually is...good point..

Yay! This is super amzing and inspiring. You have a very kind and generous heart @delishtreats and please, keep doing this. Its people like you who inspire us to do the little things we do that is changing the lives of people and the planet. Your choice for the donations is perfect and together, we can do more. Congratulations to the beneficiaries.

Together, we can change the world!


Thank you for your words! I like what you're doing and I'll try to support your project directly as well ;)

Yes! Together, we can!

Have a great weekend!

Well done my friend!! Such a wonderful way to end out the year with the gift of giving to those in need. Sending you lots of virtual hugs for putting this together and doing your due diligence to make sure every penny will be used to its utmost! Good deeds tend to have a snowball effect, so I am sure many others will be inspired by this one. 🤗❤


Thank you Katie for helping me with the decision :) Oh yes, I wanted to make sure that I'm doing the right thing :)

I really hope that others will be inspired by this. There is still enough time before Christmas to do something good for others :)

It feels good to see that amidst this falling crypto time, someone like you can still do this. I pray for happiness for you always. May you continually have reasons to smile and may you see and receive favour in all you do. Thank you for your support


This is so kind of you. Thank you so much for your lovely words.

I like to help those who are not as lucky as me. It's important to me to share what I have as I know that there are many who don't even have access to things covering basic human needs.

Have a great weekend!


You too friend. Thank you once again

How amazing @delishtreats!!! And I'm so sorry that I wasn't around to participate! This is the kind of thing that makes the world go round, and what makes steemit such a special place!! <3


Don't you worry Lynn :) You've done so much on Steemit already :)

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Holidays!


Thank you so much for that @delishtreats! Happy holidays to you and yours as well :)

You are very good-hearted @delishtreats, to go way above and beyond your original objective.

For you, I hope it will return to you many times, as we head into a new year. 👍

All the best, to you and yours, for a wonderful celebration of Christmas! 😊

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Thank you again for supporting the cause! Your contribution helped a lot!

I just couldn't support only one :) There were so many people in need.. but thank you for recognizing my efforts :)

Happy Holidays to you too, my dear friend!

Thank you so so so much for the donation.

With the continually falling SBD price A Dollar A Day has been struggling to maintain useful donation levels to the projects.

Your super generous donation will really help compensate.

The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.


I'm glad to hear that and I'm really happy that I can help many projects through you!

Have a good weekend @pennsif!

you are a delish treat in name as well as deed. talk about proof of heart - wowsers. Much love, much respect - and you chose well, too... xxx


That is so sweet of you to say! Thank you so much for your kind words. You made me smile :)


It is, perhaps, a consequence of growing older, but not many people impress me anymore.

You ... have my salute.

Merry Christmas.



Pfffff, I was worried already :)

Merry Christmas Quill.

Well, thanks for being awesome! I know I at least had some new ideas that may do some good in the future. Too early to know that for sure but there are new things I want to try now.


Thank you for your support, Manol! You can send me your ideas on discord and I might be able to help realizing them :)

Awesome, @delishtreats. Your generosity has no bounderies. Glad you found a way to still support the cases you initially wanted to support.
And sending the donation @adollaraday was very clever - like this you still support multiple causes.
Quite an amazing woman you are... :0)

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Thank you, Mike! This was the best I could come up with :)

Glad that you think so too :) It's a great project and I'm glad that I've learned about it.

Oh, that is so nice to hear :)

An awesome choice you made! So generous, a great gift, making you an awesome and unforgettable member of the Steemit world!


Thank you so much! You made me smile ;)

How awesome. You are such a wonderful individual Martina <3 This initiative has helped so many! Be blessed beautiful one :)


Thank you so much for your kind words :) BUT I still have to help the other projects too ;)


I know the feeling... I once had three Mama cats with newborn litters totalling 21 kittens (one Mama has TEN kittens!) A bearded dragon, two dogs, two rabbits, and 8 other cats and kittens, the shelter called with a litter of newborn kittens and a good dog in death row, explaining there was nobody else- all the other rescues were full... Well, so was I! But, but couldn't say no, lol. I couldn't not help!


I'm so happy to hear that there are still kind people like you! We need more such people :)


Awe <3 Thank you! You are a treasure yourself :)

Oh my goddess Marina, God Bless you!!! I don't even know what else to say. What was a 500 Steem donation turned out to be plus $1500 to children in need. Keep up the good work and I hope Steemit gets back on its feet, mainly because there is lots more children and animals in need of help!!!


That is so kind of you! I just couldn't send only one donation ;)

I hope so too! It would be nice if the value would grow a bit ;)

Have a great weekend, my dear!

This makes me so happy!!!!!! You're wonderful to do this, @delishtreats!!!


Happy to hear that :) Thank you for your kind words!

I'm really happy to see people like you here in Steemit. This is the reason why this platform is more valuable. Keep making a difference @delishtreats ☺️

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Thank you for your kind words! I'll do my best :)

Howdy delishtreats! What a wonderful iniative you have here, God bless you and everyone involved with it!


Thank you cowboy! And also thank you for your involvement!

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That was quick @checky! Thank you! I have updated the names :)

Amazing generosity, well done @delishtreats, you're a kind soul!


Thank you! Just sharing the Christmas spirit ;)

This is one of the things that I love most here in this community. Projects that brings hope and helps people who are in need. I have read stories of people who have been given a second life by the help of the community. Kudos to all the generous people out there.


I also like how people support each other here :) It doesn't take much, yet I think that there is still some space for improvement :)

Great Works Martina, more of you will surely make the world a better place.


Thank you for your kind words!

I have no words to describe how I feel. I know Ramses is eternally grateful for your kindness. His leukemia type is rare but has a better percentage of cure if the treatment is done and thanks to you he has a good chance of fighting it. I’ll write a proper comment when i get home in my computer. Just had to say something right now.


I'm sure he'll win his battle Gaby! :) He is so young and strong :)

Don't you worry about the comment ;)

What a great project Martina!


Thank you, Sara! :)

Awesome initiative. Glad to see people donating Steem to worthy causes.


I was nicely surprised by how many people participated too :)

I must say that I am totally and completely in awe of your generosity. There are so many times I wish I was able to do more. However, I know we do what we can with what we have. You have made a difficult choice, but I do believe you made a really good one.


I truly believe that it doesn't matter how much we give as we all are in different situations but what matters is what we do for others. Not all is about the money and I am sure that you engage yourself in the best way possible.

Thank you, Ren! I'm happy that you agree with my decision. It took me a lot of time to decide as I would love to help everyone but it's unfortunately not possible right now...

Happy Holidays!


I have always taught my children this. One year we were so broke that we make decorations out of popcorn, construction paper, and birdseed then decorated the neighbor's trees. She was elderly and unable to do much. She would sit in her window and watch the birds. She was thrilled to see the decorations and so many birds. One of my favorite memories.

Hugs. merry Christmas.


That is such a great idea! You even thought about what she likes to make her happy :)

God bless you and your family, Ren.

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wow I'm amazed by your generosity, it's great what you're doing here!


Thank you Eve! Trying to spread the Christmas spirit around here :)

This is beautiful. Happy holidays @delishtreats :)


Happy Holidays to you too!

A worthy choice! So many good projects to look into!


Thank you @bengy! I agree, it was a tough choice :)

Wow I love this <3 It is really beautiful what you are doing helping such a good projects. God bless you! <3


Thank you :) Christmas spirit is very inspiring ;)

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Thank you for helping my people🇻🇪 amazing job! Blessings☄

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:) My pleasure :)

Wow! What generous gifts and to such wonderful causes. There are so many on this blockchain, and it is beautiful to see such thoughtful and caring people are here to support them. Big love and peace to you all



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Thank you! Christmas is coming and I like to make people feel good during these days (not only during these days of course but it is a good excuse for the donation :))

Happy Holidays!

Wow, very kind! Inspiring...


Happy to hear that ;)

Awesome. Very generous @delishtreats Merry Christmas!


Thank you Steve! Merry Christmas to you too!

Great stuff man. Way to Spread the love. Not just talking the talk but walking the walk

Respect 🙏🏼

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Thank you for your kind words!


No, thank you!

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You're awesome too, Traci!!! :) I love your GIF's :)

Wonderful to see the success in sharing @delishtreats



Thank you for stopping by, Joan ;) Yes, I love to share as much as I can ;)

Omg, I'm crying of happiness. You're the most beautiful person that I've seen on Steemit.


Thank you for the compliment ;)

You are an amazing person. Thank you for being you. These organizations are fortunate that you found them. It warms my heart to know that such generosity exists in the world. :-)

Have the best Christmas ever!


Thank you for your kind words, Jen :) I just need to find ways to support the other ones too :)

Happy Holidays to you too! :)


I'm sure you'll come up with something. :-) I think steemit fundraisers are a great idea.