If you haven't read about my Christmas donation yet, you can do so here.


I would like to provide you with a quick update today:

  1. The donation post has been resteemed 34 times
  2. There are 15 nominations so far
  3. I have received donations from @janton, @for91days, @traciyork and @matkodurko - 10 STEEM in total

Important notice

You too can make a BIG difference for one/or maybe more projects. By adding STEEM to my donation, together we can maximise the value this will have for those who need it the most. So if you haven't donated yet and have a STEEM or two left, don't hesitate to send that across. To give you an idea of what you may be spending for, below you can find the nominated initiatives I have received so far.

List of nominations:

  1. @tarc - U.S.-based animal rescue located in Central Appalachia
  2. @adollaraday - a steem based charitable project
  3. Shannon Jay - rescuing animals abandoned during the Paradise, California fire
  4. @schoolforsdg4 - school for impoverished kids in Bangladesh
  5. @walkofhope - bringing Music and Arts to the less fortunate in Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines
  6. @creativestreet - giving art lessons to the street kids in Manila and Tagaytay
  7. #hayrunners - helping farmers coping with a severe drought this year
  8. @pifc - helping undervalued bloggers throughout Steemit
  9. Mission Agua-possible- providing years of clean drinking water for several families in Venezuela
  10. Christian School in Kisii - helping AIDS Orphans with education, and food
  11. @ifc - encouraging community and provides a weekly hook for posting an entry
  12. @classical-radio - supporting posters that post in the #classical-music tag
  13. @randomkindness - currently fundraising $200 for Mamanwa Tribe
  14. @freewritehouse - helping new Steemians create content on a daily basis by way of 5 minute #freewrites
  15. Support Ramses - a boy who lost his father and was diagnosed with leukemia.

If you want to add a nomination you can do so by adding it in the comment section under my original post. The deadline for submission is on Sunday (9th of December at 9.00 AM CET)

Thank you for all your nominations, resteems and donations so far!


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Just sent you a small extra donation :0)


That is very generous of you! Thank you Mike! :)

Start a good thing and watch it grow... I wish you find this effect in all future cases, too. You are investing a lot and may it return in the form that you are happy with :)


Thank you Manol :) That would be enough for me ;) I don't need much but being happy most of the time would be sufficient :)

Also, thank you for your donation! :)

  ·  작년

Howdy today delishtreats! Oh my gosh these are all such wonderful causes which you have listed here! People can make a big difference if they donate, thank you again for doing this, you have a big heart!


Thank you for your support, cowboy :) It's going to be very difficult to choose :)

I still hope that there will be more people who donate :)

  ·  작년

Yes Ma'am I'm a little surprised at the low turn out so far. Almost everyone I know on here are struggling though with not much to donate. I need rich friends about now!


This is a wonderful Christmas initiative. I hope some damned whales throw some support your way. I'd Sponsor you but I'm running a pretty big Contest at the moment myself.

Great job.



Good luck with your contest Quill! I will check it out :)

So far no whales swimming around here.. with them or without them, we will make this donation a huge success :)

Thank you for stopping by :)

Great initiative! I wish good luck, let everything work out)


Thank you! :)

Do I just donate directly to you? I'm going to donate directly to you. Not a great deal, but hopefully it helps. You should see it shortly (or now, depending on when you see this!!).


Thank you Steve! Yes, donate to me and I'm going to put them all together :)

Thank you so much for your support!


Ahhh... you beat me to it!! It's been transferred now. I really hope it can go to bring someone a better Christmas.


I will do my best to choose the project where this donation will make the biggest impact :) If you have any suggestion (from the list) you can let me know ;)

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

interested in joining the Steemit Bloggers Community?

Love this idea. It would be awesome if all the causes could be do you pick just one?


I don't know yet to be honest. It depends if there will be more donations from other Steemians too. But I will definitely check each project and see what they are doing. This will help me to decide too..

I wish I could support all of them...


Me too! It's also quite heartwarming to see how many people are invested in good causes. If you do this again next year, I may have to nominate my own non-profit! Matthew and I have a fledgling nonprofit called The FairCosa Foundation which aims to help people reentering society. We're starting with men recently released from prison. We will help them with housing and job training and placement. I'm pretty excited about it, but it's still in its baby stages right now. :-)


That is such a great news! I'm so happy to hear that you're doing something like that yourself! And this is a very good cause. These people are left alone completely and I guess that very often they end up in prison again so it's great that you're going to 'take care' of them :) Good luck and I hope to be able to do such donation next year ;)


Yeah, the recidivism rate is very high in the US, especially compared to other countries. You are right - folks get out of prison and are expected to magically transition back into society. It's so much more difficult than most people realize, so we want to remove the barriers to their success. :-)

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I guarantee that the Steem blockchain is the most helper community in all the cryptos. People here help others without hesitate. That is amazing!
Thanks for sharing!


I am sure it is :)

Thank you for your support :)

Thank you again for doing this! :-)


It's my pleasure ;)

Great Initiative. Happy Holidays @delishtreats :)


Thank you Steve! Happy Holidays to you too! :)

Have u actually thought about dividing the donation pool among several projects ?


Yes, I did but the price in USD would be very low with current price of Steem. I would probably consider it if there would be more donations. I would like to make a difference for someone with this donation.. I will see how it goes and decide on Sunday (it also depends on which project/projects I would choose)..

Such a great idea. Full upvote and resteem



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Yay! Thank you for your support! :)

Indeed very important causes Martina; they all deserve support 🌸💖🌸


I wish I could support all of them :)


I know Sweetie 🌸💖🌸

Thank you @delishtreats for bringing a little more light into the world. I have resteemed you to spread the word.


Thank you for your support! I appreciate it :)

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Awesome news! Keep it up!

So many great choices for the donation! I'm sure it will be tough to pick, but any are worthy of the generous assistance so there is no wrong choice. 🤗


I am not sure if I have already said thank you for your donation Katie :) I was thinking about you all morning but I can't find the comment right now so probably I didn't :)


You are very welcome! I know all the little bits add up to make a big difference all together. Which reminds me I need to go support a wonderful little 8-year-old's donation page, as well. A former client of mine has a daughter who not only donated her hair to Locks of Love on her 8th birthday, but she's also raising money for a charity in lieu of birthday gifts, as well. It makes my heart swell to know this little lady who I know will do good things in life. ❤


How adorable! We should get inspired by what such kids are doing. She has a good heart and I hope that she will continue doing such things even when she grows older :)