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Pay It Forward with the Pay it Forward Contest and GROW YOUR ACCOUNT

I don't normally write a post about posts in a contest that promotes more posts. However, this is an exception. The contest is the brain child of @thedarkhorse and he is assisted by some FABULOUS judges like @lynnecoyle1 and ME!

Baikal.jpgFabulous me on Lake Baikal

If you aren't participating in this great project, you are well advised to take a look and get involved.

Why? Because you will not only improve the Steemit lives of others, but it will positively affect YOUR Steemit account. You will grow your audience by meeting others like yourself, develop relationships with some cool people, and gain a following from the newer Steemians that are featured in the contest.

I have been participating as a judge since @thedarkhorse began the contest a few weeks ago and my engagement, net upvotes, and net followers has increased each week with the contest. I am very confident that my net income will increase also over the next month or two as well, but I will keep you posted on that.

Don't be fooled by the small accounts of newcomers. Just like me, many are testing the waters before they fully commit to Steemit. Once they realize that the community and people are genuine, many will invest in the platform. They will remember the people that helped them along the way. Ask some of my earliest followers and supporters how that has turned out.

steemit blog and earn.jpg

You are guaranteed to get an upvote from me and @thedarkhorse on your post so you don't have much to lose. You will likely get several more upvotes from the other participants. Most people's posts are doing fairly well and that doesn't even count the winnings and bounty for the contest.

How to Join the Contest

Here is the link with the rules and details -

Of course you know that I'm going to give you a quick summary of the highlights because that is what I do so here it is.

Step 1. Find 3 people with less than 50 Reputation that are writing interesting stuff.
Step 2. Write a quick post about why you like these 3 authors and provide a link to one of their CURRENT posts (not something from a week ago).
Step 3. Post your article on your blog and then comment on the contest post with a link to your post.
Step 4. Follow up to make sure we have acknowledged and added your entry into the contest.

Note: If you haven't done so already, you should make sure to upvote and comment on each of your featured author's posts.

If you don't have time to post for this week don't worry because there will be a week 4 coming in a few days. Get involved and you won't be left out.


Some of My Favorites So Far This Week

I'm adding some links to authors that I think you should check out. I like what they've written enough to recommend it to others. Visit them and show them some love while keeping in mind the types of authors that I'm looking for as a judge in the contest. "hint, hint".


Please don't feel slighted if your post wasn't featured. I couldn't list everyone that I liked, but wanted to give a sampling.

Final Incentive for Those That Actually Read My Posts

If you upvote, comment here, and then post an entry in Week 4 of the Pay It Forward Contest I will select one of you and upvote your #payitforward post at 100% AND your 3 suggested authors at 100%. My current 100% vote is about $1.00 STU. This is in addition to the other potential winnings you might receive such as SBI shares, bounty shares, and additional upvotes.

Week 4 Contest Link -

Make sure to follow the rules of the contest completely or you may be disqualified. The winner will be chosen based on the QUALITY of their entry and the quality of their suggested authors as well as the intelligence of their comment on this post. Yes, I don't like stupid and lazy people, but that is just me.

Best of luck to everyone and #payitforward!!!

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Like this article? Please resteem, upvote and comment.
Don't like it? Comment and tell me why. Let's discuss it.
All intelligent comments get an upvote for effort (even if I disagree).
Send me a copy of one of your posts and I will try to read it quickly.

Steemit Imgages stolen from the Internet - If you created them, let me know and I will give you credit.

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Nice idea to write a post about such a fine contest and of course a fine creator in @thedarkhorse, and some pretty spectacular judges too :) I'm running so behind this week, but am going now to have a read through all the entries. It appears to be growing weekly, which gives me such hope in the quality of people it is minded, selfless, caring people who appreciate a pay it forward attitude and see the importance of helping the little guys in the process!

Well done my friend; I'm so pleased to be doing this with the two of you :)


The feeling is completely mutual! Thank you for being so dedicated to the project.

Very interesting contest! I’m glad to have found out about it. This type of creative inspiration is what makes Steem unique. You typically wouldn’t see this level of complexity on other social media platforms. Steem isn’t without flaws but it has a personality of its own. Now off to read some fellow minnow posts!


Thanks for the comment. I am looking forward to seeing your entry. Make sure to link your contest entry in a comment on @thedarkhorse's contest post -

What an interesting contest, I will try my best to join this contest, perhaps this week or next week. English is a foreign language to me but I'd like to try.


We don't mind non English entries and would love to include all people. If you can translate the basics all the better and will increase your votes from others. But I am upvoting content even if I can't understand even the slightest bit of it. There are some who have featured bloggers that write in Russian, Spanish, and Chinese for sure already.

From the main contest standpoint I am not holding grammer or technical skill against anyone. An entry is an entry. I don't feel any judge looks at that to much either for Judges Choice Winners, but rather wanting to see bloggers featured who are producing Original Content and putting effort into their posts.


That's encouraging me to start writing anyway (I did translate some good articles from English to Bahasa Indonesia and vise versa, but I haven't any confidence in joining any writing contest yet. Thank you... Now I really need to try. (can't upvote since my voting power under fifty)


Don't worry about upvoting ANY comments until you can give them at least 2 cents. Anything under this is considered a "dust vote" by the payout system and no payment is given. Save your voting power and put it on actual posts only until you gain much more steempower.

Hope you join! It's not a writing contest, rather a curation contest. Meaning we want to see quality bloggers featured more then anything.


I second @thedarkhorse's comments about non-English entries. Do your best with an English translation, but your work will shine through in any event. Thanks for commenting here and I'm looking forward to reading your entry for the week 4 contest, which has now been posted. :)

Thanks for this reminder. I have just posted my first entry to this contest:


Good deal. Thanks for supporting the contest. Looking forward to reading your entry.

This is on my to-do list and I hope to get my first one done soon. The problem I keep having is I keep following the new people I find and then I pull a Homer Simpson DOH! moment when I remember one of the featured Steemians has to be one I am not following!


It will be great to see your entry. Thanks for joining in on the contest and supporting the effort.

Resteemed! :))) Well, now I gotta go edit my own entry (if bandwidth allows), because I linked a week old article for one of my peeps. I didn't realize it had to be the most current, so I chose the article that was my favorite! Oops.

Great writeup about the contest!!


Awesome. Thanks for the support and your participation. Talk to you soon.


Congratulations! You have been selected with the highest aggregate score of all those that entered #payitforward that also commented and upvoted this post. I will upvote you next post at 100% and I will upvote your 3 nominees' - @buckaroo, @fiberartist, @wondermaey - next post at 100%. Please notify them of your win! and their rewards. Thanks for supporting the #payitforward contest.

As a relatively newcomer on Steemit, and as one who loves writing, I'm more than eager to see something like this contest to give a swimming minnow a hand up. Let's rock this!!


Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I'm elated to hear your excitement for the contest and its objective. Looking forward to see your post in the contest.

I known @thedarkhorse for quite a while and had promised to support the pay it forward contest. But it still took me 4 weeks to create a post, apologise for the delay.
@energyaddict22 if I am selected (😄), please DO NOT upvote my post. Rather, I would like you to save the vp and support the 3 authors I curated instead. Thanks!


Thanks for joining the project. I'm looking forward to reading your post and featured authors. No need to worry about my VP, but thanks for the kind gesture. It is ME paying it forward. ;)

Interesting! As a newbie in this world... I keep encouraging my self that I will find any good authors to join this contest. But somehow due to my lack of communication in English, I try really hard to understand the rules. Shall I just tag #payitforward or can I tag another like you do? I am not joining the discord because I have not learn how to do it, yet. What about posting the link to comment? Shall I just post it here or to thedarkhorse post?

Thanks in advance for your response.


Hello. Don't worry about the language issue. Try to find authors that write in both their native language and English (it is easier for us to curate). After you create your post, go to the Pay it Forward contest link -
Make a comment in the post and leave a link to your post with your featured authors. Be sure to upvote and comment on your featured authors as well.
Lastly, comment here that you joined the contest with a link to your post. I will upvote your post and your suggested authors' posts and so will many others. It's a win/win. You make some rewards and your featured authors get some more exposure as well. Plus, maybe you win some extra prizes. You can always message me here if you have questions or on the contest post.


Thank you for your reply. Here is my entry (can I submit another one? Or shall I wait for next round?)


That question should be directed to @thedarkhorse. I'm not sure if he is taking multiple entries this week. We have discussed allowing it in the future, but maybe he will do it this week. Thanks for entering and participating. Glad to have you on board.

@energyaddict22 - You are right about the potential benefits of this effort, Pay It Forward!

I have already newbies that have already surpassed me in reputation score and or in earnings per post.

I believe in:

  • Paying It Forward
  • give and it shall be given unto you
  • be the change that you want to see happen

All the best!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm sincerely grateful that you are throwing so much support behind this effort. Nearly every culture in the world believes in some form of reciprocation. Some call it Karma, luck, etc. Others use metaphors like "reap and sow", but in the end we at least want to believe that if we do something good for others it will come back to you us in some form. My background story is a testament to this philosophy. I will share that story sometime in a post. In any event, I sincerely hope that this initiative continues to grow and I'm creating some great relationships along the way.


@energyaddict22 Thank you for all that you have done and are doing!
You have my support and admiration for being a (mostly) silent supporter.

if we do something good for others it will come back to you us in some form. My background story is a testament to this philosophy.

I believe in the same and as stated and I also have experiences although I might not share them publicly.

I have accepted that I am a "sower" and not a "reaper" in recent years to not be disappointed with not seeing results directly on and from people who I helped but mostly in vain IF I had expected immediate results or paybacks. But, instead, I was mocked and betrayed. But, my rewards will come some day and some how - I firmly believe.
Thanks again for your inspiration
All the best!

Groups like this are what's making Steemit such a community.

I have upvoted and will resteem.


Awesome! Thanks for your support. Of course, we would love to see you join the project and submit a post too, but any help is much appreciated on expanding the contest.


@energyaddict22 No thank you for such a great project. I had to do a thank you article for everyone that has been so great and welcoming to me here on Steemit. So I put out the how to make $3-$5k niche sites from their Steemit content article.

Next is to go and find the 3 recommendations for #payitforward and put that up according to the rules and join. I hope to do that tonight or tomorrow.

Keep doing the great things you and your team are doing.



Hello. The contest can be found here.
Please submit your link there. I'm only promoting the contest and adding the incentive to join by giving away some upvotes. Thanks so much for participating and sharing it with others. :)

Looks like a great initiative​ :)


We think it is. The results have been good thus far. Hope to see you involved in the contest.

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Uhhh I'm not sure I understand anything of what you just said, but thanks for stopping by and supporting the project.

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All the best!

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Very interesting initiative. I'll try to enter it, this week! :-D

I like your motivational skills.

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Thank you for this information. Very useful blog!

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You should! It's a good one for everyone :)

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Wow looking amazing work i will🙂

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Well, I wished I would have read your post before and tried to get "my people" a 100% upvote 😉

Thank you for all you do!!