Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 4 Three Steemians you should know

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This is my first post for the Pay It Forward Curation Contest by @thedarkhorse, @bashadow featured me in his post last week, now I have joined 😄 I like the idea of this contest, so I am more than happy to spotlight some people that I have met through my first month or so of Steemit.

3 Steemians I have met

  1. @quynhngan253: I found this Steemian through steemfollower while looking for my votes to give for the day. Here was the post that I first stumbled upon. Her blog is diverse: ranging from posting about daily life in now Singapore, recipes, artwork, and poetry. When I go to Steemfollower, many times, I look her up first because she is always posting quality content 😎
    The most recent post she has made is about a unique orange juice vending machine you can find here.

  2. @kryptocek: I found kryptocek through the IFC by commenting on some of my post for the contest. Luckily, he is right at 50 (at the time of this post) He is a Canadian that like myself he is interested in teaching English in Korea. So he has been commenting on some of my Korean life topics from time to time. Nice guy and deals out quality content for the contests that he is involved in. Recently he has been traveling in Budapest, and this is the most recent post I can pull for you guys. Make sure to check back on his blog when he gets some more free time 😄

  3. @jan23com: This is another user that I found through the IFC (which is kinda my hub world for Steemit atm). jan23com is also fairly active in games on Steemit and always provides creative solutions to solve problems; it is pretty interesting to read the results that are processed. This Steemian is also in the process of making his/her own group, which you can check out here.

I hope that you all take the time to check out this Steemians, they all put in a lot of work into their post and comments. Meeting each of them has been a joy for me and added to my experience on the Steemit platform. If you are interested in joining the contest yourself, you can follow this link, Pay it Forward Week 4 Contest Entry Area

I tend to write about life in Korea as a foreigner, food, photos from trips, and things teaching related. If that interest you and you like this post, please give me a vote and follow 👍
Fellow minnows can use Busy and Steemfollower to get more upvotes and followers, my referral links are below respectively:
Until then,
Ride on!


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Visited and upvoted on all 3 featured bloggers. Thank you for your entry.


Thank you for making this contest to highlight the minnows :)

Thanks for your support and participation in the #payitforward contest. You have picked some good authors. I have visited, commented and upvoted each of them except kryptocek whose post was too old and had no newer post.


Thanks, glad I could participate :)

Visited all three, dropped a few votes on them and a couple of comments made.


Nice, thank you :) did the same for your shares.

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Great choices! I believe I've come across them before. Be checking them again.


Thanks, I am sure we have. We kind of have an circle of friends in the IFC that we keep checking up on :)

Not a bad payout! Nothing I like more then seeing good people get rewarded! Also appreciate the shoutout man :)


No problem! Hope your trip went well. If I get payouts like this again maybe I can do some more traveling 😉

You make my day @mr-bike. Thank you so much. I am so interested in joining this contest as well. :*


ok girl.


do so and you will also be eligible for the bonus - see my post and comments on the same.


It is no problem :) You always spend time on your post and I enjoy them, so I think others would too!