Announcing @payouts, FAQ

2년 전

Payouts gives authors full access to their reward as soon as their posts get paid out user will received there rewards on PayPal account they submitted on discord server. Our service will be limited.

That's 7 days instead of 4 Weeks!

How to use :

When creating the post "simply" set the account @payouts as beneficiary and set your reward to 50:50 split.

So when you are using our service you will not get any SP, hence you may face RC (Recourses Credits) issue . So if you are using our service you will get delegation from payouts.

How much does @payouts charges?

We charge 3% service fee meaning you'll get back 97% of your reward back in liquid when using normal 50:50 reward split.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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It's a great day as I have the privilege of meeting you here! But since you are interested in something built on the blockchain, would love to see you on Commun as well: There you can set up your own community with your own token and get donations from the first day 😇