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As you all know, we've been raising funds to build an entirely automated platform for users to buy/sell/trade with STEEM and SBD. We are absolutely thrilled to share with you the updates from our Work-In-Progress!

So yes - here's the mock-up of our website that's currently being developed!

1 - The Landing Page

As soon as users land on the page, you will be greeted with an array of items that are put there by other users looking for STEEM or SBD trades. You will also be able to see items that have recently been traded for STEEM and SBD. We're going for an ecommerce-ish look, but not entirely since this platform aims to facilitate trade as its primary focus.

2 - List of Users

You will also be able to browse the individual profiles of our users for you to judge their credibility based on their Steemit username and trade history. This way, we can ensure total transparency between buyers and sellers, effectively minimizing unfavourable events.

3 - Import Wishlist

Last but not least, the key feature we offer on our platform is the 'Import Wishlist' page! This saves you ample time from searching for items and posting them on your board one by one. When you import your wishlist, other users are able to view them and offer to buy them for you, in return for some STEEM and SBD.


Now everyone can view the basic building blocks that make up our platform! We hope that by doing this, we can build up more trust from the community and to encourage entrepreneurs on STEEM to kickstart their project with a solid reference as case study. We see great potential in the STEEM blockchain, and genuinely want to do our part to grow the community in every facet; beginning with digital start-ups on the blockchain.

We just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for everyone's support over here. Your upvotes, resteems, and feedback has greatly encouraged us through the ups and downs of forming this start-up. It wasn't an easy journey at all, but your financial and moral support made it an enjoyable and a fruitful journey.

We would also like to say thank you to @utopian-io for helping us move to become an open source project, without the support they are now willing to provide because of this change truly makes this venture more worthwhile.


In case you haven't heard of our project, here you go.

We want to automate Paywithsteem and move away from Shopify's layout. This was made feasible by fundraising $10,000(@jerrybanfield provided the majority of that $10k so we will once again give a HUGE thank you! ) along with another $10,000 from @btcvenom's personal funds, the platform is still currently being developed. Previously, our website operated like an e-commerce that accepts STEEM and SBD, but we have since then steered towards creating a peer-to-peer marketplace for Steemit users. This new platform enables the following features:

  • Providing the Steemit community with a quick, secure, and hassle-free shopping experience with STEEM and SBD
  • With no operations person in between, we are able to lower our fees of 20% to as low as 10%
  • This also means no human error
  • With less operations work on our hand, we can focus on expanding regionally (beyond USA and UK)


If you have any questions just ask below!

A huge thank you from the @paywithsteem team for any support received!


‘Spend Where you Earn’

The Team at Paywithsteem wishes you a wonderful evening!

KONG 39.png

‘Pay with Steem, Fulfilling Dreams’

Your friendly Community Store.


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I am so happy to see you have decided to follow our advise in Open Sourcing PayWithSteem! On behalf of everyone in @utopian-io we are eager to help you developing this project even further!


I can't wait, we are for sure going to build some great things!


I wish you luck with that. This is a fine initiative you've got here.

This will save us the stress of converting to BTC and the like when we want to make certain transactions.


I wish you luck with that. This is a fine initiative you've got here.

This will save us the stress of converting to BTC and the like when we want to make certain transactions.


thank god utopian is helping fund paywithsteem you are right?
Hey diud you hear @freredikaa and his @steempress got a million delegation its going to be sweet,m paywithsteem needs delegation from @ned


@ackza am sure ned is thinking about it..


Super story. I was robbed of $ 300,000, and I just can not go back

  ·  4년 전

i am also feeling cool after reading your comment man @elear


Exciting days ahead! Can't wait!


I can't wait for this excellent


I am not a programmer but I want to know. I get that when many coders are contributing to a certain software, the faster it will be developed. Good! But wouldn't it also a disadvantage at the same time if you have someone with a malicious interest in mind injects some stealthy code somewhere that is hard to detect?

Also, who decides which update and when will be available for release/download when it is open-source?

I got a renewed curiosity about his things with the recent acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft could pave way for them to manipulate codes somehow so easily. I don't know how to write a single code and this may sound like a stupid analysis anyway.


The same way the rest of us are eager to see what @paywithsteem will bring to the table.


Super story. I was robbed of $ 300,000, and I just can not go back


i do not understand your message. who robbed you?


Um ok? Why is that relevant here?


You were robbed of $300,000 from what application?

sounds pretty cool, I suspect if and when the price fluctuations decrease with SBD/steem it will better be used as a fungible medium of exchange

It is a great idea and the dite looks beautiful. I think it will be a success.


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Wow this must be something :)
Looking forward to use this platform.
It will be helpful for sureitalic


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Paywithsteem Team ROCKS!

Steemit - thankyou U5dtq1a8QL4tDnQqpXQ7CXBYXRz46tm.gif

I can't wait to tell everyone of my followers about @paywithsteem

Well done ..
I liked your work ..
One becomes humble in the face of this beauty .. Glory to the Creator
Thanks for sharing this with us..

This is amazing! Finally we can bypass using BTC. This is unbelievable like Amazon Marketplace or Ebay. What are the first things that will be sold using Steem/SBD? I'm glad this is open source as wel. Bravo!

I can't wait to use this! Great idea! Upvoted!!

Dam this sounds sweet because the speed of steem transaction os faster than the regular credit card transaction timemy BEST WISHES

So cool. Is the wish list amazon lists?

I can't wait to start directly enjoying Steemit profits. Keep up the great work.


Well if you have an amazon account and you see something you want on there but can't buy it yourself or do not want to use fiat you add the item to your wishlist which allows other people to purchase the item for you.


👍. I have used purse.io for btc Amazon purchases with success.

Time to update my wish lists and see how long paywithsteem takes to fill. 😀


Well we will be filling some orders with some of the profits we make so it should not be too long. We hope we get a lot of users filling orders too but I feel that will take a little time.


This is cool too. I was looking for ways to get more steem without going though all the trading. I will start filling lists too.


Is it possible to request orders yet?

I really want to buy these insoles with Steem http://a.co/3nMcURM.


Haha as excited as we are too, it is not until July when we will be launching the site. fingers crossed


Wow, that sounds amazing.

going open source is a good decision

Looks like a great adventure, I'll check it out. So much to learn in Steemit
You've really done well and for that..........
Upvote gif meme.gif


Good job.............

I will be glad to see this, so as to use my STEEM there.

We will be waiting for this great innovative.

I Love paywithsteem.

Finally some new hope toward crypto community and steem. I Absolutely love this idea and steps.

@btcvenom well done..for creating this website i believe it will benefit the steemit community alot...


LOL youre always in the chat spamming us with weird links talkin about weird stuff but its OK, you are just from another country and don't understand our ettiquite, but you should just come on voice more often man... You will end up making a lot of money here you just need to make videos


ooh kk...@ackza thanks for the advice i will do just that...i always love the smell of money..

This seems to be a good online shopping platform since everything will be transparent. Great idea!

This is fantastic. A shopify like platform will be amazing! I can't wait until you expand into Australia. I'd love to build a store on this platform.

thanks consider our advice and i believe more people will be attracted

When will your site be back up and running?


We are hoping to launch sometime in July.

hello there!!!! congrats!!!
i think it is great to build websites to start using cryptos, we need to keep promoting steem and other cryptos.
good luck!!!
have a great day!!!

A wise decision by going open source. And the best way to earn the trust of the community.

i'm also working on ecommerce platform where i'm accepting steem maybe you can teach me alot :)

Awesome news! Thank you guys for all the hard work! Really nice to know that it will be open source as it should be! :D

Good........@gustiranda esteemid vote

What ? Steemit profits.
i am so glad! Keep up the great work.

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Great project, with light and comfortable interface


Awesome! That's how you create a sustainable ecosystem!

crazy. I am excited to check this out. I want to start selling amazon e gift cards. thanks for all the work.

Excellent project, help to make the changes you can make, successes, I congratulate you!

Will include worldwide delivery?

I have 2 vacation rentals in Florida and would absolutely love to accept Steem if someone wanted to reserve the home for a vacation! This is exciting news.

Congradz with the website rebuild. I just did the same for my first website elderson.info

This is such a cool project.

It would be the best thing if I could start buying stuff with straight SBD or STEEM, without having to convert it into any other crypto.

Definetaly will support this project as much as i can

i really hope this works out for you all. what i would love to see is amazon.com letting users use steem and sbd.

I gave you upvote and redeemed your post

WOW !!!!!! :D
Thanks for your efforts to bring Steems to "Real Life" !

Thank you for optimizing the page and allowing anyone to see "Spend where you win" undoubtedly increases trust in the community.
Thanks for optimizing. continue like this with good news

thanks for your post. it seems you are going to build some great thing in this platform . hope you can . stay ahead

looking forward to see your achievement.

This was exciting and great!!!keep it up!!!

Life sucks!!!! I don't even know why nobody is recognizing my reply though :(received_2024531924427957_1527521635947.jpeg

it looks awesome.

I want to sell stuff online but PayPal has huge fees. Selling stuff for steem is exactly what I am looking for

Woaww Looks great ! I didnt use this system before but I m the new .. I hope these days I want to use it ;)

cant wait for this launch !!

amazing features on the site

Good website and interesting model, good luck to you.

I think it is good initiative.
But community needs such services as online payments. It is more necessary. I will pay my internet, mobile and other bills with pleasure.


Stay Tuned ;)


Sorry to interrupt.. just came across your project.. very good initiative.. am writing about steemit as the best to had happened on internet so far... If you don't mind can I include your Project as part of the best services available on Steemit.


Feel free.

Looks like a very nice project. Keep up the good work :)

Wow, Best of luck, i have a question if you have a time please reply me here...!!

I swear God just answered my prayers with this one. This is exactly what I've been looking for for years now. A big thank you @paywithsteem!! What a time to be alive!!

I was wondering if this platform with be exclusively for digital products and will it include a delivery support system that could allow one who lives in India to sell to steemians who live in the U.S.A?


All products are on Amazon, so no it will not be for digital products only.
If you have amazon in your country you can use this service.

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I'm kind of very excited about this! It does have alot of potential. All the best!

Sounds cool. I know you said there would be less ops work, but with no ops persons, who will do the ops work?
Ops is stupidly boring but so necessary ...

Wow I'm really impressed, congratulations, I've been really interested on your project since last year.
Best wishes for the team.

Congratulations @paywithsteem!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

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Great news.... going to check it out and buy some stuff.

10% fee is what Amazon or Ebay ask.

This post has received a 24.82 % upvote from @boomerang.

It just subscribed to it

Hi, thank you for contributing to Steemit! I upvoted and followed you; follow back and we can help each other succeed :)

Hi, thank you for contributing to Steemit! I upvoted and followed you; follow back and we can help each other succeed :)

haha I am still trying to earn some steem, but sounds like a great project :)

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lovley post

Adoption is the key, the more widely a currency is accepted, the more likely it is to boom.
Great move.

Future is coming!

excelente post

Sehr gut bin begeistert

Thats a beautiful website design and the idea is fabulous!

Wish i have a deep knowledge of steem it
Anyone wanna help?

Moving on up! lol. Things are really beginning to take off, good job

This sometimes runs in my mind but woah! it just happen. i believed that with steemit nothing is impossible. Cool!

This sometimes runs in my mind but woah! it just happen. i believed that with steemit nothing is impossible. Cool!

Ah yes! This is awesome. I'm gunna start listing some of my jewellery pieces on the website when I get some time. Thanks for all the hard work 😊

buen post amigo

Nice info

Cant wait to see this whole thing unfold...Amazing

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Thanks you news steemit

What a pleasure to see this post is a great project every thing I read excited me more, I mean a shopping page and pay one with SBD or STEEM that is GREAT wonderful, what I read is that for now they are in the US and United Kingdom, hopefully expand to another continent like South America Latinos are also reliable, of course there are exceptions but of course if there are honest people, and will be selling electric VIOLINES on that page? because if it's like that I'm dying of happiness, I'm dying because I can not buy it since I'm not where this works, but I'm happy because it's growing a lot more and that's fabulous

Impresive Work Thanks

Impresive Work Thanks

Good job bro.Thanks for do it.

Stoked about this platform. Do you intend to allow brick and morters to use your service?

Просто не реальная тема! Осталось только довести все до конца👍

Keep it up with the good work. I have never used it before but I know people that have used it and loved it. :)

I'm going to try it now,thanks

A great step ahead or forward for this already innovative platform, reduce the fees. Hope it will be extended in the rest of Europe. Keep doing it and thanks for sharing!!!

You know what would be great, if we could order a takeaway by paying with steem.. 😎😎

Just one word: AMAZING!

Steem is a platform that actually does what you are proposing, it allows the users to monetize their content and comments based on engagement. You're going great

wow this is a great development , I currently sell via shopify and would like to incorporate this

Me encantó el emprendimiento, please hagan la página en español también. Gracias 😊

I wish you guys luck, that's one of the most awesome projects in the steem ecosystem!

Will it be possible for us living in europe to use it aswell? And when will you be online?


If there is Amazon where you stay yes! We are hoping to go live sometime in July.


Sounds awesome! Can't wait to use my steem! Thanks for doing this.

Going open source is no doubt the way forward. Your new features are all amazing, and I'm glad that this would facilitate global STEEM adoption.

Oh go ahead. We will see.

스팀잇 날로 날로 발전돼서 큰 커뮤니티 가 되었으면 이야 여기글 사람 많이 방문했네요 이렇게 많은 사람이 와서 보팅은 처음입니당 앞으로 시작이라 생각하고 열심히 해보아야겠당

Whats a surprise! IThats good

  ·  4년 전

Is this a store managed by Steem Inc? or is it an ebay type store?


The store is managed and own by me :) No affiliation with Steemit INC, We are a Purse.io style website if you are familiar with it.

the information is very useful for us
who are still learning, but does is this a new platform?

My foto

Lo mejor en publicación hoy. lo felicito gracias...gracias por crear... eres mi maestro...r paywithsteem Saludos..

I am so excited to use this platform! Can't wait to list my products!!

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I am so happy to see you have decided to follow our advise in Open Sourcing PayWithSteem! On behalf of everyone in @utopian-io we are eager to help you developing this project even further!

WOW ! This seems really awesome! The Steem community is going to love this!

post is very interesting, I can not wait to wait for this project. Good luck

Have you considered adding the escrow functionality of the Steem blockchain to your project? In my opinion a peer to peer online market without it is incomplete.

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I like the user-interface it's clean,nice and organize.

I wish you luck with that

This is the best Steem marketplace I have seen so far. Keep us up to date!

How does work the bot "Cheetah " Downvoting bot. Can anyone explain how I can build such a building or how to create or purchase one?

Good good!

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@paywithsteem i'm from the uk, based out in france, would be happy to help with this project in any way, for bits of steem. just let me know. will join the discord. best wishes for the ongoing commitment.

Oh wow I just found this blog. Following.

any updates on this?

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So happy to hear it