Intel is Dead !!! The horrific story of clowns and pride

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Many thanks to adoredTV for the information...
A$$holes fighting for power and position , Greed and Pride have officially sunk PC and Server Chipmaker Company Intel and the rot is NOT going to stop bar an absolute miracle happening,,,

News from AdoredTV states sources inside intel saying the failure of their 10NM process and the hiring and then muzzeling and kneecapping of Jim Keller (AMD's ZEN genius architect) and Raja Kuduri (Radeon Architect and founder) by a power mad wannabe CEO called "Murphy" (Dr Venkata Renducintala) have set back their 7nm releases by "a year" and thier 10nm chips my come in 2021 but may be horrible .so far the "inhouse" 10nm attempts have been a disaster...

It seems Intel are in a perfect storm and the BOAT IS SINKING ...FAST.
In my opinion the lack of vision, the clowns and the pride (hubris) will finish this dying behemoth off for good (their stock price is also tanking I'm not alone here)

Combined with the massive Global Uptake of ARM (advanced RISC machines) the advent of Open Source Instruction Sets (RISC-V) and AMD taking the server market crown with their EPYC server chips a leaderless chaotic mess and innovation failure at INTEL is ensuring it's eventual Demise .
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