We're just doing some research to make https://peakmonsters.com/ even better and decided to share some of our research about the Splinterlands market in general. There are many interfaces to the same market protocol.

Number of transactions - Total 15,012

We may not have the $ volume of some other online card games but our number of transactions is truly impressive

Number of cards - Total 44,516

Still quite a lot of single card purchases which is very interesting since so many interfaces allow multiple cards at a time... for example https://peakmonsters.com/ allows up to 45 in one transaction.

Market Volume (USD) - Total 26,103.78

So on a good month this could end up being $100k

1065 Accounts have purchased something from the market

Top 3 buyers spent $1613, $495, $458

3 players alone represent about 10% of the volume

38% of purchases have been with DEC

This stat was unexpected because it seems like only the SteemMonsters market interface does a lot of DEC ... for example in those 7 days we have done 16.7% of our volume in DEC which is a high amount for us.


https://peakmonsters.com/ offesr pack card and set purchases with DEC already.
Seeing these numbers overall we're going to work on a focus on DEC.

We still have concerns in how DEC purchases in the market are done and the lack of decentralization and no one should take that for granted. But we are understanding of how it benefits the speed of the markets.
It does make our job of creating peakcredits many many times more difficult... but we're still thinking of solutions.

3684 cards were purchased by @steemmonsters

... we're assuming that means purchased via TRX and paid out in DEC?? Not sure how that all works or if we missed a post on how that functions @yabapmatt @aggroed


  • There have been 1598 accounts that have made a market purchase on Peakmonsters.com in 2019
  • 726 that have spent at least $20usd worth in 2019 on peakmonsters


We're changing the rolling volume to ONE YEAR instead of 90 days and changing the percentages they'll equal. This will impact a lot of our users.

With improved tournaments / guild wars hopefully coming out soon we'll likely start some perks of using PMT token for tournaments soon as well.

We have a development cycle we've been working on right now as well with a few cool new additions.

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3684 cards were purchased by @steemmonsters
... we're assuming that means purchased via TRX and paid out in DEC??

Yes, that's correct. When someone buys cards on the market with TRX the @steemmonsters account purchases the cards with DEC on their behalf. We plan to add additional currencies for market purchases in the near future using the same mechanism.


Well we guessed correctly it seems. Cool.

BTW how does that work?... do you keep buying DEC with the TRX you get to keep fulfilling the thousands of dollars of purchases... or where does that millions of DEC come from?


Well we get more DEC through pack purchases, especially after we started valuing DEC at $0.001, than we give out from TRX market purchases. So the process is that we take in DEC for packs, then we effectively "convert" the DEC to TRX through facilitating market purchases, and we sell the TRX for USD to fund the business.


If we could have a PayPal option to buy cards with USD would be a total game changer and would likely see mass adoption of the game. I personally have a few friends that have started playing the game but are tech illiterate and trying to walk them through the depositing method of Coinbase to Blocktrades to Wallet to Market is really quite difficult.

If you could add PayPal as an option then I honestly believe the game will see mass adoption of people that aren't necessarily into crypto currencies.


You already got auto-voted on this one but I am sending the comment as well, to tell you once more how awesome you guys are. Great stats. By the way, I love how Peakmonsters shows the DEC balance and automatically refreshes it without a page reload.


From two days peakmonster site is not working properly, it's crashing every minute.


first we've heard of this ... can you write in the #peakmonsters channel in this discord server about your issue so the developer can see it