Announcing Peerity: A blockchain based community platform!!

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What is

  • A single location for users and communities to find each other, share ideas and content, and organize events.
  • A community-building platform that brings people together, and allows them to shape their communities how they want it. We are aligning the incentives between creators, the network, and consumers. Peerity rewards activity and community-building interactions.
  • Whether you are a new rock band trying to become popular, an art organization throwing an event, a teacher with students you would like to reward, or a company trying to crowdfund a new product, has got you covered.
  • Activity network vs social network- Typical social networks up until now have inspired anti-social behavior. With Peerity we would like to do the opposite, by creating incentive for groups and individuals to create content, organize an event, or perform other acts that will help grow the community. In normal situations, positive social interaction helps grow communities. So this is the kind of behavior we want to reward. This reward comes in the form of our token.

Why are you creating

  • There is a general trend towards 'social cooling'. The constant use of traditional media leaves us with a feeling of constant surveillance. Your data is being sold to the highest bidder. The online social media space is one of exploitation. Users are the cattle, the product is your mind. You give and give but get nothing in return. It is rent seeking of the soul. We will NEVER sell user data. You as a user retain the full control over the small amount of data we store.
  • There is a distinct lack of good and free community building tools in the wild. We will allow communities to gain fully decentralized governance of their community rules and payout structure as they grow in size and activity.
  • We want to battle the attention economy that is being created by social media sites such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. On these platforms, advertizers are paying the sites for your attention. They are literally paying for your time and attention. But you, the user, are getting nothing in return except more advertizing.

How will it work?

  • Communities are at the heart of peerity. Each person is not an island. We are, and must be, all connected. By recognizing and rewarding pro-social behavior we enable individuals, communites, and groups to work together to create, connect, and contribute to each other. Behavior on Peerity creates peerity tokens which in turn are distributed among the communities and users. They can be used to pay for site features, products from other users, and to reward and patronize work and causes you believe in.
  • will be a social media platform that focuses on communities instead of individuals. Users can join or create communities, create content posts, sell items through built-in e-commerce, organize events both on-and offline, and setup and support crowdfund projects within their communities.

THE Peerity network

  • tm-logo-name.png

  • The Peerity blockchain runs on Tendermint. We decided to use Tendermint because of its superior speed and BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus engine. It also allows us to make our blockchain in whichever way we decide. Tendermint also has one of the fastest Tx speeds of all consensus engines.

  • Peer Servers are the validators in our Tendermint-based blockchain. They are responsible for committing new blocks on the chain. The amount and selection of Peer servers is done by Peerity Inc. If you are interested in becoming a Peer server, get in contact with us at

  • Access to our closed alpha and beta phase is reserved for Peer server operators and participants of the private and public crowdfunding rounds. Invitations will be sent on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Peerity token

  • Peerity uses a native crypto token to reward pro-active members of communities for their participation in their communities.

  • The Peerity token uses variable creation rate based on activity level of the platform. This means less tokens are being minted into the system when there is low activity taking place. We do this to to make sure that if there is little activity on the site one user or one small group of users don't get over rewarded in a way that is unfair to the network.

  • To give the token an inherent usability, we allow it to be used for crowdfunding of projects and the purchase of e-commerce items on the Peerity platform.

The Peerity token supply will be created through two processes.

  1. An initial pre-allocation of 100 million coins in the initial block of the blockchain which will be used for the crowdfunding campaign of the Peerity platform.
  2. An ongoing creation of tokens through our Distributed Proof of Stake system based on the Peerity platform’s activity level. The more activity there is on the network, the more tokens will be created.

The initial Peerity token allocation is 100 million coins, generated in the genesis block. These 100 million are distributed accordingly:
image (11).png

Peerity REsources


2.5% of our initial token supply (2,500,000) is reserved for our bounty program. We will be announcing our different bounties soon. In the meantime, please send a PM to request translation bounties or any other requests.

Peerity Token Sale

TBA very soon!

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Thank you @totalgyan, great to see new faces! There is more on the way and we love all the support and feedback we can get.

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This is a n exciting project to continue catching updates on. Onward and upward and all the best to the Peerity Team.

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