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What is

  • A single location for users and communities to find each other, share ideas and content, and organize events.
  • A community-building platform that brings people together, and allows them to shape their communities how they want it. We are aligning the incentives between creators, the network, and consumers. Peerity rewards activity and community-building interactions.
  • Whether you are a new rock band trying to become popular, an art organization throwing an event, a teacher with students you would like to reward, or a company trying to crowdfund a new product, has got you covered.
  • Activity network vs social network- Typical social networks up until now have inspired anti-social behavior. With Peerity we would like to do the opposite, by creating incentive for groups and individuals to create content, organize an event, or perform other acts that will help grow the community. In normal situations, positive social interaction helps grow communities. So this is the kind of behavior we want to reward. This reward comes in the form of our token.

Listen to Peerity on Beyond Bitcoin Hangout from this morning, raw recording provided by: @africa

Check out peerity blog to view articles such as:

Peerity CEO Jan Schets Speaks at Blockchain Expo Berlin

Earlier this month, Peerity was given the opportunity to present the project at the Blockchain +IOT Expo in Berlin. Though the internet connection was next to non-existing, which was quite a surprise for a tech event, Peerity’s first public appearance was an amazing experience.

Peerity is a social connection and activity platform. We connect individuals, communities, and organizations together. Want to start a band, write a novel, volunteer? Peerity is here to make connection and collaboration effortless.

Our goal is to provide the tools and space for communities to thrive online. Think of us as Meetup meets Reddit meets Patreon meets Bitcoin.

For Communities

Communities can use Peerity to find and recruit members who are interested in their causes. A Peerity community can raise funds, launch projects, advertise services, and more.

For You

Create your profile and get effortlessly connected to people, communities, and organizations with similar interests and goals that are local to you. Plus, you will automatically get Peerity tokens based on activity that you can redeem for site features or exchange for cash.

For Organizations

Established organizations can use Peerity to connect with those interested in their brand, products, or goals.

Whitepaper / Presentation

If you are new to you can read our whitepaper here or listen to Jan Schets’ presentation below. It gives a quick look at the project that we have been putting together for the past few months.

Peerity Berlin

Peerity Alpha Testnet

Peerity Resources

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Peerity on twitter
Peerity on Facebook
Peerity on LinkedIn
Peerity Telegram Channel

Peerity is an Activity Network Blockchain • r/PEERITY on Reddit


Announcing Peerity: A blockchain based community platform!! by @peerity-io

PEERITY . The Activity Network Blockchain . My Everyman's Intro and White Paper Review by @jacobts

I have always wondered, “What if there was a blockchain that could help active communities such as living arts and civil services?”
Put simply: Peerity is an Activity Network built with Tendermint that rewards positive actions via online content, commerce, and most importantly live human gatherings. Exciting times.

Peerity's New Site and Alpha testnet begins NOW! Become a Peer server to earn 30% of tokens minted in the first year!

What is Peerity?

Peerity is a blockchain based social activity network that rewards on and offline human interaction. Visit our New Site to read the latest version of the Peerity Whitepaper

How can help US. Veterans by @bberthon

Peerity token sale

Watch for updates of the token sale. @virtualgrowth will be offering/giving away free crowdsale tokens on bitshares when available.

“The overall goal of the online token reward system is to reward helpful, high-value content while diminishing spam and hostile behavior. Users who post helpful, courteous, friendly content will be rewarded.”


As with many blockchains there will be those with a greater stake in the success and direction of the platform. These nodes will be responsible for validating blocks on the Peerity chain. They will be incentivized with something like 35% of the daily created tokens.

  • The Peerity blockchain runs on Tendermint. We decided to use Tendermint because of its superior speed and BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus engine. It also allows us to make our blockchain in whichever way we decide. Tendermint also has one of the fastest Tx speeds of all consensus engines.
  • Peer Servers are the validators in our Tendermint-based blockchain. They are responsible for committing new blocks on the chain. The amount and selection of Peer servers is done by Peerity Inc. If you are interested in becoming a Peer server, get in contact with us at
  • Access to our closed alpha and beta phase is reserved for Peer server operators and participants of the private and public crowdfunding rounds. Invitations will be sent on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Sounds like a very interesting project. I've never heard of an activity network, and I can see how it could be useful. Will be watching it.


Very interesting indeed. Let's watch together. :)

Interesting article, thanks for sharing


Welcome, thanks for reading.

I'm very excited about peerity, and I'm looking to get involved and invest as soon as possible.Looking forward to the tokensale, and I'm hoping that it will be listed on tradeqwik.
Upvoted and resteemed.

I'll take a look at the white paper if I have a chance. Take care VG!

I think that I want in.

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