The Use of Learning Cycle Models in Primary School (1)

3년 전


Keywords: Learning cycle model, learning outcomes, ecosystem balance

Professional Ability Strengthening (PKP) by Acehhitler with the title Using Learning Cycle Models in Efforts to Improve Science Learning Outcomes Ecosystem Balance Materials in Students in Grade VI of Paya Bakong Elementary School 1. This descriptive qualitative classroom action research (CAR) aims to find out the answers to the problem formulation, is there an increase in student learning outcomes on the material of ecosystem balance in the class through the use of learning cycle models? Data collection techniques used are tests and observations. The percentage of completeness of student learning outcomes in the first cycle is 65% and in the second cycle increased to 86%. Teacher and student activities in learning have increased. The percentage of teacher activity in the first cycle was 83.3% and in the second cycle increased to 94%. The percentage of student activity in the first cycle was 75% and in the second cycle increased to 89.6%. Based on the results of the research that has been done it can be concluded that with the totality of student and teacher activities, the use of learning cycle models can improve student learning outcomes.


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