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Adik pengelana.

Saya dulu 1999 tinggal di sana bersama pak Amla yang kini ngajar di mtsn Bintah Takengon. Kami tinggal dekat dengan asrama takengon dan aceh selatan. sudah 19 tahun tak kesana. Tolong kirimi posting foto Dusun tgk di blang 2 ya. Kangen benar. disitu duli tinggal bang jol yang jualan klontong dan supir labi2. Tolong dik ya buatin postingan tentang dusun itu.



Dear brother.
I used to live there in 1999 with Pak Amla, who is currently teaching at the Bidik Takengon government. We live close to the takengon and south aceh dormitories. already 19 years gone there. Please send a photo post of Tgk Hamlet 2 months. Right bro. there, duli lives, jol, who sells klontong and labi2 drivers. Please make a post about the village.
Thank you

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