Poem by Moi: Something Beautiful

2년 전

Hello steemians, been a while I posted, let me just Dr this little poem I just came up it, it has personal meaning to me. Hod you like it


There is so much to the world
Your face...A smile should grace
Be happy
Say something beautiful

Say it to the earth
Her colors... Chosen by the divine
Be amazed
Say something beautiful

Tell it to the trees
So tall.. so old, truly alive
Be in awe
Say something beautiful

Scream to the the sun
The moon... The twinkling stars
Brush strokes in the night sky
Say something beautiful

Look without and within
A being be'ing and aware
Stare into your eyes
Say "you're beautiful"
Whisper it to your ears.


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Gran poema.

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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