Why do bad people take advantage of good people?

2년 전

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In summary, utilizing people is so helpful, and it's terribly natural to happen everyplace. However, the a lot of helpful question here is this: what area unit the principles for survival within the thick of such unhealthy guys?

It seems that it's been answered by the universal worth of civilizations round the world, specifically the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. Or, typically it may be reversed too, do not oppress others if you do not need to be hangdog. in additional trendy terms, try and realize a win-win resolution.

SPOILERS ALERT: If we tend to return to the Evolution of Trust game, people who tend to win within the end of the day area unit players with the sort of individual (there area unit rewards, and retribution should be commensurate) and numerous variations.

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