"Weird Al" Yankovic vs. Sean"Puff Daddy/P. Diddy" Combs...

2년 전

In this parody song -- All About The Pentiums-- ,Weird Al raps about a computer, it's hard drive, hardware and how fast/ slow it is, and some other great features on it... LOL... Genius!!!!

For the ones that didn't already know, I told ya Weird Al could throw down..

What do you think??

Puff Daddy-- It's All About The Benjamins--

This version is a much better song with the guitar riffs and rock sound, rather than the original... IMO...

Don't get me wrong, it's still a great song. I just like the rock/ remix version better...

I still like "Weird Al's" version better though...

Oh,, All About The Benjamins is also a movie starring, Ice Cube and Mike Epps...

I Hope You All Enjoyed..

Thanks For Viewing!!

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Great post. It doesn't seem like you are getting the likes it deserves though. Have you checked out the upvote communities? You should check out steemengine. or steemfollower.com.


Hey thanks,, I'll check it out..