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Hello steemians, I trust you are all doing well. So, I decided to write on appreciation because yaahhh, it's sunday and me being so lazy decided to post late. I have been procrastinating... So, let's get to writing
To me appreciation means being grateful for what one has or what God has done, no matter how small. Yesterday, I was almost hit by a moving vehicle, it was so freaking close but then I looked at the driver as if it was his fault but deep down I knew it was my fault and I was so scared. God, I was so happy I didn't get hit because I just couldn't imagine what my life will amount to. Me giving this example doesn't mean I want you all to feel sorry for me but to show how much our body parts are important. How many of us really take what we have serious? That's why a saying goes we never know what we have till we lose it.
Man can never be satisfied with the things he wishes for or needs because this world keeps advancing and then we keep aiming for something bigger. I saw a very meaningful sentence in a book although I can't quote it the way it was written but it simply meant : When you don't step up your game in whatever you do, the universe gets tired of you and someone new comes around.
We feel very good about ourselves when a person appreciates us. No matter, the little gitft gotten or thing done or how little we have, appreciation goes a long way.
Appreciation doesn't have to deal with people or things we see. Appreciation can be about our time, moment, or even music. Someone told me rich people don't have the same 24 hours as everyone and this is because they have the money to employ others to do their menial activities such as doing the laundry or washing the car. I realized this is true because instead of spending an hour or more washing that time is used to do something more relevant. The time was appreciated by the rich man by being hard working to escape what every other human does. There are some songs that are just evergreen, no matter when you listen to them it's still going to be a banger. This is because the song was appreciated by people. If people don't appreciate things like this, it loses it's value and relevance.
Just try telling your spouse, mum, boyfriend or girlfriend, dad, siblings and other people that matter to you how much you appreciate them and the twinkle in their eyes will show you want appreciation can do.
This is where I close my appreciation chapter and I hope I post more and I am also learning to appreciate what matters too, so don't beat yourself up when you realize you haven't been appreciating a lot of people or things. We all almost do.
Bye guys, xoxo.

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