For parents,How to Know the Strategy That your Child Does?

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You should be careful to feel curious toward this and you should be open-minded. You should be always interested in this topic and Do not rush to make judgment.
1-We need to know the reason: ask your child these questions: how to know that it is a suitable time to ……? or what happens directly before……?
2- We need to know the strategy itself: be careful to make the questions simple and be careful to watch the eye movement of your child because it may state you to ask more effective questions. Continue to ask him even you know the details of the strategy completely. Chant for him what he says about his strategy which should be logical then imagine yourself when you do this strategy to see if it is really useful.
3- How the child knows the suitable time to stop using a specific strategy?: in the most of the time, the answer of this question is clear, so you may not need to inquirydownload (8).jpg for this, but you should understand that there is an end for every strategy.
Note: the strategy is how to do different things.
References: creation of future's child- Dr. Emma Sarjent.

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