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Hello there Steemians! Here's my entry for this contest. My name was tagged and thanks dear @jurich60.
I was quite busy nowadays with my sewing so I was not able to do some postings.
Nevertheless, I am posting our group picture during our inter-church Women's Circuit Conference.
Thia was taken at random when we had a group picture after the event. well, I know that we will barely be recognized with the whole group standing so we took a snqp shot while others in front were busy with their cameras!

After luncheon, I did a stolen shot while waiting for our church pastor.

Photo taken using xiaomi RedMi 4x. Well, my camera 360 is a bit outdated but it still served it's purpose!

I am thanking my steemitpowerupph family for having me here and for their constant motivation.

Thank you all and good day!

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This is a good share. It is really nice to have some activities especially when it comes to church. You have the chance to interact with other people and provides you with the satisfaction of well-being. It is also a way to be one with God and value his teachings.

As an appreciation, I would like to #up-gage this post and be part of the contest promoted by @zephalexia. The contest aims to encourage interaction and engagement among members of the steem community. I think it will really help a lot in giving your post some acknowledgment and exposure to other steemians.

You can also join this wonderful initiative. You may visit the link below:



Thank you eo much for the recognition and recommendation. God bless!

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very nice activity po to be busy with , fun photos.

Your post has been recommended by @edencourage for my up-gage challenge

Great one! Thanks for participating :))