PEOS Privacy EOS Token no added to Steem-Engine with Deposits and Withdraws to EOS main net!

in peos

Steem-Engine is now trading PEOSthe pivacy token on EOS

Watch me trade PEOS on Steem-Engine here:

You can buy and sell PEOS at prices sometimes cheaper than newdex, and do arbitrage by buying peos cheap on and selling it expensive on

@peos is also trading on here

Check the official @peos steem account for more updates.

And check out the PEOS wallet video by @cypherglass

To Show appreciation to @cypherglass I have taken the pegged assets from the following EOSIO tokens @peos @anoxfund @challangedac and @eosvenezuela and i have gifted @cypherglass each of their tokens over steem-engine!

Also i sent some DOGE, SAND my own eos/steem token, some BTCp pegged bitcoin 10 satoshis, 1 penny in Bitshares Pegged us dollar tokens and 1 INV from so you can create a free instant steem account and maybe send them some of the peosp i sent so they can test it out!

Just make sure you have this steem keychain extension installed by @yabapmatt its like steem's metamask (we need steem on scatter tho! )

read about PEOS UTXO Here:

Check out the Medium post about PEOS wallet here:

Telegram China:

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