You have problems with your teeth or oral cavity, then you should read my article.

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Hello again!
If you want to have no problems with your teeth and oral hygiene find out what sou diseases, how to conduct oral hygiene join #Dentacoin ( and read my article. I want to tell you one small but not good story.
Until August of this year, everything was fine with my teeth, you can even say everything is fine, without any sores and problems, given that I am 43 years old. I don’t know how or what or because of what, but .... my front lower tooth has been shaken. What I did not do and strips of grass patterns, I replaced my toothbrush and toothpaste, but unfortunately did not go to improvement. And then, one fine day, I got a mini flux and my tooth started to hurt, that I can neither bite, nor survive the food, nor .... As a result, I went to my dentist. After the examination, I heard not very good news, the diagnosis, I need to tear my tooth and put up a bridge :-( I asked what could have happened? Dentist replied: we have such water flowing from the tap and lately, a lot of people started complaining about the same problem as mine. Having thought it over and taking myself in hand, I went to a very “pleasant” procedure, which consisted of:

  1. anesthetic injection :-(
  2. tearing out a tooth :-(
  3. preparation for the installation of the bridge.
    Dentist from the inside drilled holes in three teeth, pulled out or twisted nerves from the teeth and he beat with some medicine. Today all the procedures are finished. Painkillers are starting to go out slowly and pain appears :-( Next visit, December 5th, there will be such procedures:
  4. cutting teeth;
  5. reaming teeth;
  6. taking sizes to screw in the grindings ....
    And now I'm starting to remember those polls that #DentaCoin conducts, and I understand that these polls have answers to our healthy teeth. I don’t take photos, because I think it’s not very nice to look at my teeth :-(
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