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hard of

دچار اختلال یا دشواری

They had to repeat the question as the old woman was a little hard of hearing.

آنها مجبور شدند که سؤال را دوباره تکرار کنند چون آن پیرزن کمی گوشش سنگین بود.

دقت کنید که پس از این اصطلاح ممکن است اسم نیز بیاید: hard of control یعنی «به سختی قابل کنترل».

This post is part of a tutorial on English idioms for Persian speakers. You can find the other entries under the tag [ #idioms-tutorial ].

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In old age it may be happen.

The student was feeling hard of exams. Can we say like this ?


No, you can not say this. The idiom is used only as "hard of hearing", not like hard of exams, hard of money etc.


Thanks for making me clear

Please list complete idiom. It is not just "hard of", but "hard of hearing". Since you listed "hard of", I see wrong examples in comments like 'hard of exams' etc. However, it is nice attempt to educate people. Keep up the good work :)


Thank you for your attention. The most common example for this idiomatic expression is, of course, "hard of hearing", but there can be other cases, too, like "hard of breathing," for example. Also, there are cases with nouns, like "hard of comprehension." Hence the short form in the title.


I agree with your point. Since people who follow this wants to improve their language, my suggestion is to list full idioms. May you can list similar idioms at the end of the post so that learners can get idea. This is just my suggestion :)

Perfect example.

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