What is hard work for if you have learned nothing

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Much is said that we must work hard, we must try harder and be persistent in our activities to succeed. They are not wrong to say this, because I recognize the fruits of hard work.

But they are also wrong to say this, because what is hard work if we do not learn from past experiences. Hard work is good, it must be done with a solid plan and with error recognition.

You can work hard and get results and succeed, you can't achieve them, either. Why do I say that?

You will never reach your destination if you do not know where you are going, we need to draw a route to know where we want to go. Your hard work is rewarded only when you know where you are going.

So, my friend, work hard, but you must know where you want to go or stay in the same place, as they say: "you will walk in a circle".

Ask these questions:

Why are you doing this?
Why do you want to succeed?
Why do you want to have a lot of money?
If you become a millionaire, what will you do next?
If you can make your dreams come true, what will be the next step?

You can ask more questions, these are just an example.

Things may not go the way you planned; you must still follow your plan or create another one to know where you are going or where you are.

Otherwise, your hard work will be useless.

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