Knowing Chimbote, Peru | WalkAroundTheWold #1

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It has been 3 years since I made my last publication, today I come to show you a city which is more than 4300km far from home, it’s located in the east of Peru, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and just about 7 hours from the capital of the country.

In the short span of time that I have known Peru I have realized that all cities have a main square, "the Plaza de Armas ». In front of these, we found the municipality or mayor's office, and often there’s also a cathedral.


Plaza de Armas de Chimbote.

Chimbote is a place known for the fishing industry, being its main economic activity. In addition, the city is also relevant for its metallurgical companies.

One of the most outstanding places in the city is the boardwalk that bears the name of the great admiral and patriot hero Miguel Grau, who sacrificed himself together with the crew of the corvette "Unión" and the Monitor "Huáscar" in the combat of Angamos that was part of the War of the Pacific.


Malecón Miguel Grau


Malecón Miguel Grau

Having perfect knowledge of the inferiority they had, in terms of soldiers and technology, these brave men faced the Chileans, who had support from the United Kingdom. The combat was undoubtedly tactical and clever by the Peruvian navy. Unfortunately, a projectile from the Cochrane armored frigate, of the Chilean navy, hit the Huáscar command tower, leaving the Admiral dead. To end this epic battle, we found a Huáscar without a government, when everything seemed lost and it was presumed that the crew had already surrendered ... Lieutenant Enrique Palacios, wounded, raised the national flag immortalizing the historic phrase “In this ship nobody gives up”.

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Plaza Almirante Miguel Grau

The name of the city is still a controversial issue with no agreement reached. The most popular explanation is that some foreign gentlemen arriving in this place were surprised with the absence of boats, except for the popular reed horses ( A boat built with reed stems and leaves), these gentlemen upon returning to Lima, in their bad Castilian said they had come down in this port, "sin bote" (without boat), shim-bote, Chimbote.

Which seems ironic to me because today you can see many boats from the boardwalk.


Costa chimbotana

A characteristic building of the city is the Gran Chimú hotel, built as the flagship of the beginning of the Chimbote tourist era, it allows the entire population to remember that at some point, the Chimbotan coasts enjoyed crystalline waters which were a magnet for tourists from around the world.


Hotel Gran Chimú

If you go to Chimbote, you must try a dish born there: the "combinado", a dish that consists of noodles, ceviche, huancaína potatoes and toasted fields, without a doubt they will make this visit a complete experience for tourists.


"Combinado", comida original de Chimbote

Finally, one of the things that I like the most about Chimbote is an imposing hill that can be seen from anywhere in the city, the "Cerro de la Paz", with a cross on its highest peak and a church located very close, remembering us the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made and that God will always be present and will be exalted.


Cerro de la Paz

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