How to Make Your Cat Live Longer? 7 Important Things


On average, cats live from 12 - 20 years. Are you wondering how to make your cat live longer?

Someone is a dog person and someone cat person. There are many people who have cats as pets.

In just a few seconds you will see 7 important things to make your cat live longer.

7 Important Things to Make Your Cat Live Longer

Important things:

1. Buy quality cat food
As a good cat owner, you should provide a high-quality, balanced and complete diet. This is one of the most important things you can do to keep cat healthy and ensure long life. The diet should be appropriate for your pet’s life stage and lifestyle.

2. Water consumption
When it comes to their water consumption, encouragement is important since they are not fond of consuming the adequate amount of water. You may do so through the use of canned foods which has more moisture content than kibble.

3. Don’t forget to exercise
Because overweight animals are prone to diseases including diabetes, heart disease, skin and the respiratory disease it is important that you keep your pet lean and fit.
You may encourage your cat to be lean and fit through interactive play.

4. Consider spaying/neutering your cat
Being spayed or neutered, your pet has a lower tendency for developing annoying or even intolerable behavioral issues such as marking or spraying. It is said that spaying and neutering increase the lifespan.

5. Provide environmental enrichment
This is most important to indoor breeds. Since they can mostly be bored, you may do enrichment though the use of toys and other things that stimulate your cat’s mind and alleviate boredom.

6. Keep your cat’s teeth clean
It is extremely important to look after your cat’s teeth and mouth. Proper oral care involves both home care and veterinary attention. Dental disease can be painful and may even prevent your feline companion from eating normally.

7. Regular veterinary visits are necessary
Your cat needs not only veterinary attention for dental care but for a thorough examination of their nose to tail. All pets require regular visits to the veterinarian.

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Do you want to see more?

To find out more, I created a great guide about life expectancy for cats.

In it you will find:

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Here is the link:

Let's keep our pets healthy and happy!

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