Thor got a new cage - Now I need more bird toys

2년 전
I made a post a few weeks ago showing off the newest member to my household, the almighty cockatiel Thor.
As it should be, he has his own Mjölnir! Unfortunately the whole thing is still a little scary and he was not willing to step on it for longer than a second or two. So the first photo still needs the hand. Now I am patiently waiting for him to get used to the handle.


Although his last cage is supposed to be a sufficient size for a cockatiel, we decided to get him a slightly bigger one. I never knew birdcages only come in two sizes. Slightly too small and slightly too big.
So now we got him this monster:


Even with the extra toys we bought the cage is still incredibly empty. I definitely have to make another trip to the pet store.
I will also try to make some toys on my own. I bought hemp rope, popsicle sticks and food colouring (combined cheaper than a medium sized toy). Together with some toilet paper rolls and construction paper, I am hoping to manage to forge something play- or at least destroyable.

Have you ever made pet toys yourself? I gladly take any kind of advice or tips.
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That's a nice cage for him. I remember making bird toys from twigs and branches when I was a child, but it's been so many years, so I can't really give you any tips on doing it. We also did something like putting empty rolls of toilet paper on a string and things like that, which they seemed to like.


I like the idea of putting some large natural branches into the cage instead of those three even perches that usually come with a cage. I could use a nice forest bath anyway. Maybe we get few dry days to go out before the winter comes. If not, I have something to look forward to in spring :)

What a sweet little bird! Love his name and hammer!
I know more about cat and dog toys, one thing they like
most is things I might throw out, like boxes, and those
little paper rolls you mentioned. Maybe a tall natural

All the sea glass you found a few weeks ago is
sure pretty, maybe some of that in a clear ball?


I have a little glass bowl with ornamental glass frogs in them. I wanted to replace the left over aquarium gravel I had in it with the seaglass to make it more personal. Just have to check if they have enough contrast with the green glass frogs. We will see when I get to it. This weekend I was mentally occupied with bird toys. I apparently get distracted easily with new projects XD

How adorable! I have no experience in making pet bird toys but i'm looking forward to see the results 😃

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