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WARNING - The message you received from @minhajhussain7 is a CONFIRMED SCAM!
DO NOT FOLLOW any instruction and DO NOT CLICK on any link in the comment!

For more information about this scam, read this post:

If you find my work to protect you and the community valuable, please consider to upvote this warning or to vote for my witness.

Saan ka po nagppost OK sa Partiko, busy at ulogs may konting boto 😁

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Sa browser lng gurl diretso...kasi yung steepshot sa IOS pagginagamit ko nagloloko..try ko din yung mga sinabi mo..thanks 😊


Wala kasing boto dapat may tag kung saang site/app busy or steepshot or zappl or partiko or esteem esteemapp etc 😊


Eto na gurl nakapaginstall na ng Partiko. Ang dali lang pala 😊 kakapalit ko lang din ng location ng app store account ko e kaya nakita ko na 😊😅

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