Queen of the Night

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Night Blooming Cereus | Fragrant Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum Oxypetalum)


Epiphyllum Oxypetalum is an extraordinary orchid cactus, which has many names such as Queen of the Night | Night Blooming Cereus | Lady of the Night. Each one to pay homage to this spectacular white flower (with an average size of between 8 "-10") that only blooms at night, generally at two-thirds of the night, secretes a very fragrant perfume throughout the night, for then wither and close at dawn.


Even though each Oxypetalum Epiphyllum blooms and only lives one night, healthy and well-grown plants can produce up to a dozen flowers in bloom at a time, with several flushes throughout the summer.

The picture that I show here is one of the Queen of the Night collections of my wife planted in the side yard of our house, there are several types that we collect, and are distinguished by their size, while the color is almost the same, namely white or slightly yellowish , and all our Queen of the Ningt collections are refreshingly fragrant



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