The contest of Petals. The first spring flowers


... and the first bees.


Here is and have us the sun almost every day!


Every day new leaves and flowers are revealed.



Camera SONY DSC-HX300 ISO-80 f/3.2 1/200 с

Rules for participation in the contest by this link

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beautiful photos. we have to take care of the bees because without them we would become extinct


Thanks a lot.

Nice photos.


thank you!

Вот и у вас весна :) Чудесные фото!!


Да-да-да! пришла гулёна!))

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  ·  작년

Very beautiful flowers you share


These are flowers in our garden, thank you, @roky!

А я сегодня шмеля видел. залетел ко мне на стройку.

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