Extend the transition petition - Country List for 13th May 2020

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62,670 signatures

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Extend the transition

The government should consider delaying negotiations so they can concentrate on the coronavirus situation and reduce travel of both EU and UK negotiators. This would necessitate extending the transition period; as there can only be a one off extension, this should be for two years.

The coronavirus situation will inevitably require effort from the government and they should not be dealing with EU negotiations at the same time. A two year extension will ensure that we have the time and energy to properly negotiate a deal. The country will be hit financially and socially by the impacts of this virus. We cannot risk a ‘no deal’ impact on top of this. Additionally, government and EU negotiators should be limiting travel at this time.

The Petition currently has 62,670 signatures. Previous: 58,254 signatures. Difference: 4,416 signatures.

The Petition is open to all UK Citizens even those who currently live and work outside the UK.

If you haven't signed the Petition then go to the petition page https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300412

Government will respond

Government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures.

At 100,000 signatures...

At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

1United Kingdom58,7024,262No Change
2France1,42945No Change
3Spain88225No Change
4Germany22916No Change
5Italy1573No Change
6Netherlands10911No Change
7United States1017No Change
8Greece942No Change
9Belgium917No Change
10Austria722No Change
11Ireland713No Change
12Australia687No Change
13Portugal591No Change
14Denmark550No Change
15Canada454No Change
16Switzerland371No Change
17Gibraltar322Up 1
18Bulgaria303Down 1
19Cyprus271No Change
20Sweden271No Change
21Finland251No Change
22Malta240No Change
23New Zealand202No Change
24Czechia170No Change
25Luxembourg161Up 1
26Thailand161Up 1
27Japan150Down 2
28Hong Kong141No Change
29South Africa141Up 2
30Hungary130Down 1
31Isle of Man130Down 1
32Jersey120No Change
33Poland120No Change
34Norway112No Change
35Romania80No Change
36Guernsey60No Change
37Slovakia60No Change
38Malaysia50Up 1
39Singapore51Down 1
40Pakistan40No Change
41Philippines40No Change
42Turkey40No Change
43United Arab Emirates40No Change
44Bermuda30No Change
45Brazil30No Change
46China30No Change
47Croatia30No Change
48India30No Change
49Indonesia30No Change
50Monaco30No Change
51Taiwan31Up 12
52Bahrain20Up 15
53Cambodia20Down 2
54Colombia20Down 2
55Dominican Republic20Down 2
56Estonia20Down 2
57Georgia20Down 2
58Guadeloupe20Down 2
59Mexico20Down 2
60Oman20Down 2
61Réunion20Down 2
62Saudi Arabia20Down 2
63South Korea20Down 2
64Syria20Down 2
65Tanzania20Down 1
66Zambia21Down 1
67Argentina10Down 1
68Botswana10No Change
69British Virgin Islands10No Change
70Brunei10No Change
71Costa Rica10No Change
72Falkland Islands10No Change
73Fiji10No Change
74Ghana10No Change
75Guyana10No Change
76Haiti10No Change
77Iceland10No Change
78Israel10No Change
79Kenya10No Change
80Kuwait10No Change
81Laos10No Change
82Latvia10No Change
83Lebanon10No Change
84Liberia10New Entry
85Lithuania10Down 1
86Madagascar10Down 1
87Mozambique10Down 1
88Peru10Down 1
89Qatar10Down 1
90Russia10Down 1
91St Maarten10Down 1
92The Gambia10Down 1
93Ukraine10Down 1
94Uruguay10Down 1
95Uzbekistan10Down 1
96Venezuela10Down 1
97Vietnam11Down 1

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