Am i too attached to my dog? are you?

3년 전


This isn't a plea for help because if I have an affliction...i believe it is the best one that I can imagine anyone having.

But I wonder.... do you feel the same way as me? Because I think I base most of my life decisions around my doggy-pal.

don't even know what she wants... but she'll probably get it

I take very few pictures of anything other than her. Bath time is a regular pic.... (despite the fact that i have taken this same photo hundreds of times.)

and tricking her into a boozy picture is one of the things i like to do best (don't worry, she gets lots and lots of treats)

I guess what i am asking here is that I want to know if you base most of your life-decisions around your dog's capability to be involved in it - because I have, a lot.

I have turned down jobs, relationships, and chances to move to new and wonderful places because of my doggo. (I regret nothing!) I wonder if your doggie-friend means as much to you as mine does to me.

and if you don't like dogs... I guess we can't be friends :( (unless you are horribly allergic or something.... we gotta make exceptions)

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Dogs are men's best friend so you can't be too attached to your dog :-)



you are absolutely correct. love your pic pal. good doggo :)

There is a saying "the dog is the best friend of man" and it is 100% true, my dog accompanies me wherever I go, the only way that does not accompany me is that I go out with my wife ... there if I leave my puppy at home ...

Dogs are awesome!! @gooddream


awesome .gif made me smile :)

Hello @gooddream I share something special, all my life I liked dogs I really love animals in general.
When I got married, I had a great concern, my husband is allergic to dog hair. noooooo !!! I wanted to die, incredibly enter a strange stage between sadness and disappointment. However, we continued calmly, and one day the most beautiful thing came to our life, which I better not tell you, I will share it with you so that you can see it, it is called Luna. It is adopted and arrived small and full of ticks, my husband almost rescued it.
If you read well my husband, from that day, the love was so great that a miracle arose, my husband stopped feeling allergic to the hairs of the dog and now Luna is part of our happy family of 4 because then he liked me so much that he brought our life to beautiful white star and small and is another baby of the house.
Nice to meet you and ufff I wrote as much, I think it inspired me jejejej.
Good greetings and good vibes
I'll see you soon.

Foto Original: Encuentra un buen lugar.


what a fantastic story! The picture is nothing short of the cutest thing i have seen today too. Thanks for that :)


Wow!! @gooddream that great, I love that you like my precious baby. See you soon.

That's one cute angry little fella
Take a look at mine, he's old but kicking the best friend a guy could ask for. Screenshot_20180423-160216.png

Very tender story, I identify a lot with all your words. I have a 6 year old dog and my life is based around him. It is difficult to describe the love that you can come to feel for a pet.❤❤


you are exactly right. Thanks for reading my story @rosargelisperez !

Hola, gooddream, primeramente es una cuchitura tu perrita, efectivamente los perros son el mejor amigo del hombre, son adorables y pase lo que pase siempre están con nosotros y yo creo que hasta entienden y sufren con uno...un vecino murió y su perro no se aparto nunca de el mientras lo estaban velando es increíble...excelente resaltar el valor de los animales y en especifico de los perros, excelente post. Me disculpas; pero agregue a mi lista de seguidos y por su puesto te soy mi vota.


i had to translate that, but enjoyed it. yes, animals are the best. Thank you for reading :)


de nada espero seguir viendo tus post

Cuteness overload😍😍 i too have a pet .here it is


this made me smile. Thanks for that


Thank you so much @gooddream and as you are a pet lover, its my pleasure to invite u to participate in my 1st contest that i am conducting if your interested in it...thank you


I do love my pair!!!!

I love my two grandpups, but I don't have any myself. Because my wife and I are nearing retirement (and because we live in the middle of a huge corn field) we've opted for cats, because you can leave them and go for a few days without any problems or calling in favors from neighbors/friends to watch your pets.

My oldest daughter is especially happy to have a beautiful brown lab, and she IS just beautiful, as is our son's black lab. I love them almost as much as my two new granddaughters. They really are part of our extended family, so I know exactly how you feel about your two beauties!


thanks for the reply buddy. Shows you actually read the article :) cats are fine by me too but the above doggo is not really a fan of them so we keep them at a distance. You are correct about being able to leave for a while though. for sure

I just paid about $1600 for one of my labs to have stones removed from his bladder without even hesitating. I'd say both my dogs mean a fair bit to me. He's doing pretty good on his recovery too.


I know what you mean. I am sure i would do the same thing. Great pic :)

Dog is really a loving pet. It is
really anchored and faitfull animal..
i had a dogy too.. nowadays npt with me..
missing 😫


awwww. i'm sorry to hear that. Thanks for reading and yes, you are right about them being faithful.


Your dog looking too cute 😘

nice doge.


thanks pal!

Your dog master is so cute
I like it so much @gooddream

Your dog is very cute..ohmmm ..

In the second picture he came out great.
And this is my dog.IMG-20170529-WA0000.jpg

Muhteşem muhteşem 🙆 harika paylaşım Teşekkürler

У нее такие невинные глазки, что она получить то, что хочет. Браво, молодец, хороший выстрел!

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There is no better friend than a puppy. Always faithful and there at all times. Just waiting for a love from us. I love when a puppy receives me, his effusiveness and joy is unique. I love the dogs.

Honestamente hablando, tu perro es hermoso. La afiliación con perros no es nueva, es muy extraño porque el perro es el único y obediente animal en el universo. Aquí el famoso qout realmente aplicó "el amor sea amor".

todas las imágenes son impresionantes y bellas. gracias por compartir imágenes de perros con la familia steenit

Mantente bendecido

cute dog, what mix is it?


Shih-Tzu mixed with something. I thought she was a pure-breed but after seeing many registered pures, i don't know what the mix is.... doesn't matter at this point though right? :)

Dogs are most thankful animals in the world.
They will love you no matter what, cheer you up, enjoy every moment with you. We don't deserve dogs, but here they are, so we are going to love them most, right? <3

awww that is so cute.

Too bad i am allergic to dog fur

i voted for you and you should also vote for me.

Brother, I also have a cat . I really love him just like my son .

Do I love my dogs? Hell yeah is an understatement. We base everything around our dogs. We have no children so these are considered our four-legged for babies.We’ve gone as far as taking them car shopping to make sure they like the vehicle and fit correctly in it. I think their comfort comes before our own. We counted the beds in our home that we bought for dogs and it comes to something like 20 or so. It’s ridiculous and addiction at its best! I wouldn’t change a thing.

Watching daddy washed family car.

How beautiful, what is your race?

Beautiful pictures :)

I too love dogs a lot. While growing up, i had a puppy but couldn't take care of it because i was to relocate to another city and my dad detest dogs a lot, so i had to let go. But am planning to have three dogs when am done from school. They are amazing creatures

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Well, if you can't sleep thinking of your dog, then you must be really attacked with it already.

Oh my god so cute!