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I’ve always had pets ! Mostly dogs but as child I also had horses , cats as well. But all ways dogs. Ussually more than one. I have 3 now. They are truly mans best friend !!!!

And they live to sleep as do I when I can


And swimming !!


Love the pets !!

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I have to agree @jkenny at one point I had 4 dogs they were all my friends.

Wow! Great and amazing post sir.
I really loved your post. 😍😍😍
Nice content 💚
Excellent post.
Good job.
I really enjoyed your post sir.💙

Thanks @jkenny for sharing this post.🤗

Upvoted + resteemed your post.


Thanks , Pete are part of the family.

your title says it true

Wow! That's very amazing that you have pet dogs , cats and even horse!!! I love them!


Thanks very much.


You're welcome! :)

Pets are really friendly specially dogs,love spending time with them.

Yeah really they are the best.
I too love animals and also some of them as pets,and i use to spend my maximum time with them.
Nice post and thanks for sharing dear.
keep all your good works up and have a great day ahead.

Same, my pets are family, they always have been. Dogs and cats have always been in my life, birds too. And horses for a decade before having children.

They all leave their mark in your heart and mind. 💜

cute relationship @jkenny also cute dogs

Very nice dogs :-)
Water and mud... A golden retriever favorite activity right after getting pats :-D

Dogs are the best! Truly loyal friends and often they would risk there lives for ours!

I really enjoyed your post sir.

Thanks @jkenny for sharing this post.


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I did a post on this a while ago when I first came into steemit, but I couldn't agree more, Dog's especially are a man's best friend and certainly something that I think adds true value to our lives and especially our wellbeing. No matter what mood we are in we can always be with our dog and be given un conditional love.

Great post-keep it up :)