SteemScan - writters needed

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Hi @everyone

This post will be short and straight to the point.

Some of you may know that I collaborate with Nia (he is creator or of SteemScan) and he is behind @roadofrich.

Their team has been supporting our community by following our curation trail with 100k SP for several months already.

I spoke to Nia just yesterday and he asked me, if it would be possible for our community to publish an article about SteemScan once every week.


Those are 2 examples. Both can be used as a "base" for your own publication. Those of you, who would be interested -> please drop me a PRIVATE MESSAGE via Discord or telegram (everyone in PH has my details).

I will then discuss with you details and we will arrange date for your article to be posted. I will allocate some solid voting power from all our accounts (including curation trail) to support those publications.



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Nice initiative and I will dm you.

Hello @coach.piotr
I like the sound of it.
I will write to you.
Best regards.

I am interested, will surely dm you

Hey great. Soon will be contacting you :)

USDT withdrawal fee still $1? To which type of address, or blockchain?
On Binance, it is $12 today (to Ethereum ERC20 chain).

Nice initiative. I'm interested

I have read and understood the publication, I will write you privately to discuss the details.

Thank you @crypto.piotr for your information

What a great idea..!

Hmmmmm, I'm interested, will definitely DM you.

Great idea... I'm interested :))

Nice one! I'll definitely send you a DM as regards to the date I'll select for the publication.

Thanks for sharing

i am interested and i will send message to you

Hello friend, I think this is an excellent way to support steemscan friends.

To fine tune details, I will write to the private, have a great week !

I find your proposal very interesting! I will write you privately!

That is interesting... I will dm you

Thank you @coach.piotr and i would require more information.

I will read the post and check out Steemscan.

Hi. Can I know which is the telegram group? Last time I tried to find project hope in the app but didn't have any success. Thanks in advance. #venezuela #affable


hi @alegnita

We're not on telegram

Consider joining our PH community discord server:

Cheers, Piotr